Sunday, October 2, 2011

Farm Planet Names

Yep. Sorry for the lack of posts. Anyway, today I want to share with you what my doll's Farm Planet last names would be.
So there's this epic musical called Starship (Don't just go and randomly watch it, they don't use good language all the time. Just so you know.) and in it one of the characters is from the Farm Planet. And on the Farm Planet your first name is what you do and you last name is what you love. So, I thought I would share my doll's Farm Planet last names!
I will write what her name would be on Farm Planet and then tell why.

Christina Pink- Christina's favorite colors are pink and yellow, mainly pink.
Kit Corn- Kit's favorite food is corn with orange soda. Don't ask.
Samantha Dolls- Sam has a mini doll, and she loves it. :)
Marisol Dance- As most of you hopefully know, Marisol loves dancing. :)
Molly Bright- Molly dresses in lots of bright, un-matching colors.
Cammrie Horses- Cammrie just loves horses. She owns one of my Our Generation horses.
Mia Bacon- Mia and bacon go together like flies and cheese. Nothing can separate them. Except Kimi.
Julie Basketball- Well, do I really need to explain that?
Emily Proper- This one's weird. But Emily likes proper and polite stuff.
Chrissa Bunnies- Chrissa has like six stuffed bunnies. Nuff said.
Alyssa Singing- Lyssa is my little star, she's epic. Well, as epic as I can manage.
Rebecca Rebecca- She's in love with herself.
Nicole Neopets- Nicole loves stuffed Neopets. However, I have not made her an account. Yet.
Kirsten Cats- Kirsten loves her kitties. :)
Molly Ann Blue- Molly Ann's favorite color is navy blue.
Sonali Fashion- Sonali has mad style. She's the Kurt Hummel of my dolls.
Gwen Me- Gwen also loves herself. She thinks she's the coolest thing ever.
Lanie Darren Criss- Again, this should explain itself. lol Lanie's weird.
Samantha Mae Lilac- Sammy Mae's favorite color.
Gwendolyn Shoes- Dodo loves shoes. :)
Elizabeth Dresses- It's hard to get Lizzie to wear pants. lol
Felicity Klaine- Okay, if you know this congrats. Otherwise, I'm not explaining. And please don't Google this. You would seriously regret it. Like a lot. I'm totally serious, too.
Lucy Hello Kitty- Lucy is a Kitty fan, that's about it.
Evelyne Pie- YUM.
Jessica Owl City- Jessie loves Owl City. So do I, for that matter.

Okay, so some of those weren't the greatest. My favorites are Evey's and Felicity's just because it's weird. XD
Thank you for reading!! And thank you soooo much for 65 followers!! I love you all!!

Bunny Kisses,
Phoebe All of You :)

Oh yeah, pick one of these for Blogger Mad Libs if you read to here:

My Farm Planet last name would be ______.
My doll's Farm Planet name would be ______.


  1. My dolls would be:
    Samantha Sports
    Elizabeth Dance and
    Ali Art


  2. Cool! Here's what my dolls' farm planet last names would be:

    -Penelope Foodie
    -Rebecca Act
    -Elena Nature
    -Emily Yoga

    -Priya :)

  3. MY farm planet name would be:

    Miranda weapons.

    XD I have a MAJOR obssesion with swords and knives and stuff(you can tell I'm the only daughter! XD)



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