Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! Happy Halloween! So, to celebrate here are my doll's costumes!
Also, the video is a work in progress, I'm super slow. But I promise that I will finish this. :)
So anyway, we have the epic costumes, if I don't say so myself. ;)
 First is Julie as Rapunzel from Tangled.
 Then Mia as a hockey player.
 Lucy as Hello Kitty.
 Kit as a nerd. :)
 Chrissa as Luna from Ask Asha.
Molly as a Hula girl.
 Samantha as Belle.
 Alyssa as Rebecca Black. ;)
 Gwendolyn as Taylor Swift. (like the picture for Back to December for the pamphlet of Speak Now.)
 Emily as Bree Hodge/Vandekamp from Desperate Housewives.
 Cammrie as a rock star.
Gwen as Quinn Fabray from Glee. (Season 1 Quinn)
 Emily as a pilgrim.
 Sonali as a super model.
 Elizabeth as a girl scout, specifically a Brownie.
 Rebecca as a vampire. (minus the sparkles lol)
 Evey as February from Starship, aka a Starship Ranger.
 Christina as Sleeping Beauty.
 Jessica as Owl City. The shirt and bangs are supposed to resemble Adam and his epicness, the sweater is Tip of the Iceberg, heart is Tidal Wave, hair ribbons are Super Honeymoon, and the wings are Butterfly wings.
The back, her wings are covered with song titles.
 Lanie as a Warbler. :)
 Bella as a pirate.
 Timmy as a horse rider dude. (Sorry for lack of professional terminology.)
Marisol as Lady Gaga, based off of her Kermit dress. :)
 Felicity as Kurt, his prom outfit, from Glee.
 Molly Ann as Chrissa.
 Samantha Mae as Kanani.
Kirsten as Lanie.
And last, but certainly not least, Nicole as Cinderella.

Hope you enjoyed! Have a happy Halloween! :)


I'm most excited for ________ in the upcoming month of November.


  1. I'm most excited for cold weather in the upcoming month of November. :D

    Of course, Sonali is a super model. XD


  2. I love all of your doll costumes! It must have been hard coming up with ideas for all of your dolls. I only have 6 and I had trouble!


    PS: Where did you get Lucy's shirt?

  3. I believe the "terminology" you're looking for is "equestrian"; that's a horse rider. :) I love all the costumes, they are so cute! I like Lanie's outfit, it reminds me of a Harry Potter character. Happy Halloween!

  4. Thanks Lena. :)
    And, Lucy's shirt is actually a Build-A-Bear shirt from a few years ago.

  5. i love your coustumes! Your so creative!

    P.S. I'm most excited for SNOW (hopefully) in the upcoming month of november!

  6. Alyssa and Marisol's outfits are my favorites! Did Alyssa sing Friday or My Moment?


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