Monday, October 24, 2011

The Nerve of Some People! (by Mia)

Hey everybody. Mia here, der. So I just read Little Miss Nicole's post below and I can't BELIEVE what she wrote about me! You all should know that I'm not always the most friendly person, I have violent tendencies, but they're generally funny and I always stick up for my buddies and do show compassion every now and then. Just so you know that before reading.

So about what Miss Nicole wrote about me.
Yes, I did give Julie permission to use my former stuffed animal in the drawing.
Yes, I'm not as big of a Neopets fanatic as Nicole is.
Sure, I kind of forgot that I ever had it, but a few years ago when Phoebe was younger our story lines were wacked up and I forget a lot of stuff from then.
Yeah, now that I gave Jules permission to use my Slorg it is totally fair game.

However, I should have just as much chance to win this as anyone else, right?? If it's fair game then why can't I have as good of a shot as Nicole does? I do! I have just as much right to enter into this drawing as Emily or Jessica or Samantha Mae even does. So what is her PROBLEM? I can win this, it's purely luck anyway! Just because of all this going on watch someone like Elizabeth or Alyssa win it. Nothing against those two, they're cool and all, but they have limited Neopets knowledge.

Uh, I wouldn't even CARE anymore, it's just a stupid stuffed animal, if it weren't for what Nicole wrote about me. It's ON now! I will go to all means possible to get this animal just so Nicole doesn't.

Peace Out,

My favorite time of day is _________.

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  1. My favourite time of day is evening! :D

    Hey, I feel for you Mia(wow, that sounds kind of creepy... why is that phrase so popular?!) but that aside, I would SO do it for revenge! >:) But, I'm pretty much the "evil" side in most conversations, so, I GUESS my best advice would be to...


    Yeah, I thought that was already acomplished, but I STILL had to point it out... XD



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