Monday, October 10, 2011

Quality Decrease? YEAH, DUDE.

Hi guys. Sorry it's been a while. Well, today I have a post about a certain company's quality decrease that I have noticed throughout my collection of their gorgeous products. Who am I talking about? American Girl, obviously! lol Anyway, this might be a very strongly opinionated post, so if your offended by people trash talking AG I wouldn't read this.
So, as you know, I have dolls ranging from December 2001 up until about June 2011. So, Marisol, I noticed a few weeks ago (or maybe months, whatever), still has incredibly tight limbs, considering her age. Well, even not considering her age! Jessica (Kanani), obviously purchased this year, has limbs maybe half the tightness of Marisol's. Let's see, that's maybe 4 months compared to about 6 years. Seriously?? What the heck, AG? And, the day I bought Gwendolyn, I noticed her arm was slightly loose. Which was last year, and she is #38.
So, now you know my observations, let's put these in with the observations of many AG lovers. Prices. Prices keep getting higher and higher and higher and higher and, well you get the point. So, with obviously decreased quality, we have $100 dolls. I know that all this has stuff to do with the economy, but you would think they might do better for the price they ask, and succeed to still get people to buy stuff. I'm not saying anything bad about the customers, I know I, and likely many others, couldn't survive without AG. This isn't just an opinion either, people. I take good care of my dolls and it is obvious to me that quality has seriously decreased.
Okay, just thought I'd rant about AG for a while. Thanks for reading! And I hope you like the new look. :)

Peace Out,

I like __________ during October.


  1. *For all of you out there, I vouche for Phoebe. She DOES take amazing care of her dolls!* ;)

    Also, I noticed this, too, and this has compelled me to make my OWN custom dolls by buying used ones. I've noticed the outfits are MUCH more girlier(maybe it's just me) so there's only a couple outfits I want for my dolls now. I noticed that even with my 2007 Kirsten, her limbs are tighter than Willow's, who is only four months old or so. Willow's left arm was loose since I took her out of her box, and this is just LUDICROUS.

    I like to eat chocolate as much as possible in October. XD


  2. I totally agree!! What happened AG?? Also here's my Blogger Mad Libs: I like colorful leaves and Halloween during October.

  3. Hey Phoebe! I completely agree with you, AG prices/quality is rediculous these days. I got an outfit from them last christmas, and I had to sew it up myself as soon as I got it! It's very frustrating. and 'I like, love your new layout in October!'
    -charlotte :)

  4. I love your new design, Phoebe!! :D

  5. Thanks Priya! :) Thanks Charlotte!
    And I know. . . it's just awful.

  6. I also think AG has stepped down there game. I night even buy a used doll next!

    I love to --- Eat CANDY CORN --- in October!
    OMG, I love Candy corn!



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