Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your surrounded by loved ones and things you're thankful for. :)
Have a lovely day. :)
You know what one thing is I'm thankful for? (Other than my dollies and friends and family, of course.) You! :)
Thanks so much for still reading in my posting slump! I love you girls.

What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving? I love going to visit relatives and my Great-Grandmothers dressing. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I bought Miss Daphey!

Yep. I bought Miss Daphne Eleanor Clane last night! I'm so excited! I can't wait for her to get here!! I have such an inventory of ideas for her. These ideas have been building up for months, some of them are vaguely normal and some of them are. . . . . creative. But I can't waaaiiiiiiiittttt for her to get here!! Only 5-8 business days! :)
So, in honor of my darling and my future darlings, I made this:
:) It's totally awesome!
Thanks for reading!
Phoebe (and soon Daphne!!)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Craftshow Finds :)

Hi everybody! Sorry it's been a while, I'm super busy with school lately.
So, last weekend there was a craft show at the high school I'm going to go to and my favorite vendor was there. :) But, here are some pics of what I bought:
Love this dress.
 The hat and vest came together and the skirt was cheaper because the seem isn't even. But I like this one better. :)
 The shirt and vest came from Sew Dolled Up, she's on Etsy! This person is absolutely amazing! I love her clothes, I have several and they are amazing! I would review them, if you'd like. The vest is a Liberty Jane pattern and sooo pretty.
This one's my favorite! Also from Sew Dolled Up, it's a Liberty Jane pattern, too. Sooooo pretty and gorgeous on Lucy (Cammrie is pictured, though)! She has claimed it in the name of waffles and sausages. This woman does amazing things! Go find her and buy something! It will be sooo worth it! :)

Also, my mom found this amazing thing at Micheal's!
It's a doll sized lamp post! Isn't it cool?? Honestly, I don't have room nor reason for this, but it's just too cool and photographs so well.

Thanks for reading people! <3 You!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Hi everyone!
Today is the coolest day ever, because it is 11/11/11. I have waited for so long for this day. Wow, I need help. XD But this is soooo cooolll!!
It's November 11th, 2011!! At 11:11 AM!!!!
This post was scheduled for exactly 11:11 on 11/11/11, because I wanted to do something special then, but I'm in school. So I have a scheduled post!
Anyway, I forced six of my girlies to take a picture for this special occasion.
They had fun with this. From right to left we have Gwendolyn, Alyssa, Chrissa, Julie, Gwen, and Evey. Evey was wearing a bow tie, but you can't see that, sadly.
Well, have a nice 11/11/11 at 11:11!!
Tonight I'm volunteering to work at the Carnival at my old school for Honor Society, it's going to be fun. :)
Have a nice day! :)

My favorite day is __________. (I might stop doing these because I've run out of ideas and no one really does them anymore.)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Video :(

Hey people. So this weekend I was working on editing my Halloween video, which is already super late, and my editing system is being uncooperative. It probably won't be up in the foreseeable future. I'm sooo sorry about that! I really tried but it won't let me save it in the format I need for YouTube. But, I could just type up basically what happens with the dialogue I used in it. I wouldn't have pictures, but that might work if you really wanted to "see" it. It wasn't that great of quality but I tried and I think my storyline was decently interesting.
So would you just like me to type it up and post it in written form instead? Eventually it may work, but not anytime soon, that I can tell.
Well, I'm super duper sorry about that. But, on a better note, I finally got audio to work on that editor, so if I get to make more videos I can have music! Yay!
Also, a while back I found a great wig from Ruby Red Galleria for a possible custom Rachel Barry doll in the future. That's exciting. I need a Julie at a fairly decent price and the wig and then I could have a mini Rachel!

Peace out,

__________ has run out of ideas for Blogger Mad Libs. ;)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

Hi everyone! Happy November! I just love November. :) I love fall this year, and November is that awesome transistion month between the horrid start of school (shudder shudder) and the holiday season.
Haha, so anyway, today is an especially awesome date because it's 11/1/11!!! Not as cool as 11/11/11, but up there, man. :) So I edited a celebratory picture for you. :)
Enjoy. :) I know there aren't any dolls, but I've been trying different things with the camera and thought I would share one of these with you.
Would you like to see more, maybe? I've practically photographed everything in my yard, and later I think I might walk over to this park thing near my neighborhood and take some pictures there. I'm superexcited if I get to, I'm really getting into this thing. I find it shocking how much my pictures have improved since last year, even since earlier this year. I'm still not amazing, but I'm kind of proud of this stuff. :)

Peace out buddies! I love you all greatly!


My favorite word today is _______.