Friday, November 18, 2011

Craftshow Finds :)

Hi everybody! Sorry it's been a while, I'm super busy with school lately.
So, last weekend there was a craft show at the high school I'm going to go to and my favorite vendor was there. :) But, here are some pics of what I bought:
Love this dress.
 The hat and vest came together and the skirt was cheaper because the seem isn't even. But I like this one better. :)
 The shirt and vest came from Sew Dolled Up, she's on Etsy! This person is absolutely amazing! I love her clothes, I have several and they are amazing! I would review them, if you'd like. The vest is a Liberty Jane pattern and sooo pretty.
This one's my favorite! Also from Sew Dolled Up, it's a Liberty Jane pattern, too. Sooooo pretty and gorgeous on Lucy (Cammrie is pictured, though)! She has claimed it in the name of waffles and sausages. This woman does amazing things! Go find her and buy something! It will be sooo worth it! :)

Also, my mom found this amazing thing at Micheal's!
It's a doll sized lamp post! Isn't it cool?? Honestly, I don't have room nor reason for this, but it's just too cool and photographs so well.

Thanks for reading people! <3 You!!


  1. Nice finds!!! I like the dress that Cammrie is wearing the best. ;)

    I NEED that lampost!!! I've always wanted one.(jut kidding!)


  2. Cool! I love the way you did Kanani's hair!

  3. Wow looks like you had a great day shopping. Adding several new looks to your wardrobe, that is always a great thing.

    Love the lamp post too, we will have to check out Michaels when we go to town next time, that is so cute.


  4. I like the lamp post. Nice finds.


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