Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Video :(

Hey people. So this weekend I was working on editing my Halloween video, which is already super late, and my editing system is being uncooperative. It probably won't be up in the foreseeable future. I'm sooo sorry about that! I really tried but it won't let me save it in the format I need for YouTube. But, I could just type up basically what happens with the dialogue I used in it. I wouldn't have pictures, but that might work if you really wanted to "see" it. It wasn't that great of quality but I tried and I think my storyline was decently interesting.
So would you just like me to type it up and post it in written form instead? Eventually it may work, but not anytime soon, that I can tell.
Well, I'm super duper sorry about that. But, on a better note, I finally got audio to work on that editor, so if I get to make more videos I can have music! Yay!
Also, a while back I found a great wig from Ruby Red Galleria for a possible custom Rachel Barry doll in the future. That's exciting. I need a Julie at a fairly decent price and the wig and then I could have a mini Rachel!

Peace out,

__________ has run out of ideas for Blogger Mad Libs. ;)

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  1. Ugh, I hate it when editing systems are uncooperative! YARG, that has happened to me so much in the past... hope you can fix the problems and upload your video! :)


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