Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

Hi everyone! Happy November! I just love November. :) I love fall this year, and November is that awesome transistion month between the horrid start of school (shudder shudder) and the holiday season.
Haha, so anyway, today is an especially awesome date because it's 11/1/11!!! Not as cool as 11/11/11, but up there, man. :) So I edited a celebratory picture for you. :)
Enjoy. :) I know there aren't any dolls, but I've been trying different things with the camera and thought I would share one of these with you.
Would you like to see more, maybe? I've practically photographed everything in my yard, and later I think I might walk over to this park thing near my neighborhood and take some pictures there. I'm superexcited if I get to, I'm really getting into this thing. I find it shocking how much my pictures have improved since last year, even since earlier this year. I'm still not amazing, but I'm kind of proud of this stuff. :)

Peace out buddies! I love you all greatly!


My favorite word today is _______.

1 comment:

  1. My favorite word right now is TALENTED! I love november too!



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