Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye, 2011

Yeah. As many of you hopefully know, today is that last day of 2011! I'm kind of sad that this year is already over; it feels like it just started! Anyway, I just thought I would post some cool things that happened around here and in the AG community for this year.
Here's my list:
  1. I had my one year blogoversary!
  2. Kanani Akina was GOTY and welcomed to Creekwater in the summer.
  3. AG released several new MAGs, amoung them 55 and 56, who were brought home as Daphne and Lilianna.
  4. The Belladona family grew with the addition of Maggie.
  5. AG released Marie Grace and Cecile!
  6. 71 lovely, fantastically amazing people follow this blog. (I love you all so much! <3)
  7. LTD got a YouTube channel and posted seven videos. (Haha, dedication, man. Dedication. ;))
  8. I grew in my photography skills. :)
  9. Team Starkid produced Starship! (Just thought I'd mention that for the eight hundredth time)
  10. Owl City released All Things Bright and Beautiful. (Just because I needed another item and love this guy!)
  11. My mini-me, 23, named Evelyne Barker arrived in the spring to inflict confusion onto many of her fellow dolls. :)

I hope you had a fantastic 2011! And that 2012 brings even greater things (like McKenna!).

Phoebe :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

LIlianna and Maggie :)

Pink text is from Maggie's perspective.
Blue text is from Lilianna's.

"Alright," began my sister, Lucy, on the day I would meet the other girls of Creekwater."Just so you're prepared, there are a lot of them." I was very excited! Lucy was very happy for me to come here.
"But," Daphne said, "They're all very nice and both of you will just love every single one! They're so genuinely kind!" I was very glad she said this. I'm not exactly comfortable around new people and was very nervous.
Lucy led us into the room. Daphne spoke with the other girl. Lilianna seemed very nervous. I can't imagine why! I was so excited!
As I walked past I noted just how many other girls there were. . . .
"Okay everybody," started Lucy with that assertive tone that I never got. "This is my twin Maggie. She's new so don't scare her too much today. Lanie, I'm talking to you."
A blond girl with very curly hair answered her. "Hey! I'm wearing my references, Lucy!"
"Alright, Maggie why don't you go and talk to everyone?" "Okay," I agreed, walking towards the first group.
Everyone was so nice! So far I love Creekwater!
I even met another girl, whose name was Mia, that also was an ice skater like me! I can't wait to skate with her sometimes.
After I met everyone, Lucy showed me my bed. I just love everything here!
Daphne led me over to our side of the room. As she did, she got me a tad more used to the idea of so many roommates. I'm still nervous, though.
"Hey everyone," Daphne began with a calm and reassuring voice. "This is Lilianna Vienna Young. She comes here from Minnesota."
I looked around. There really were a lot of them.
"Hi, I um," I began nervously. "Um, uh. . . .I. . ." "Just go up to each one individually," encouraged Daphne from behind. I took her advice.
I walked over to the first group. This was much easier. Everyone was so kind and also reassuring.

I even met a few girls that liked Owl City like me! One of them is from Hawaii, which reminds me of Sky Diver. :) I love it here so far. I feel so welcomed.

Hope you enjoyed! This was very time consuming. -_- But it was worth it. :)


Phoebe, Lilianna, and Maggie

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Video and moreee. . .(read this!)

YOU READ THAT RIGHT!! I, Phoebe A. Last-name-not-to-be-said, actually posted a new video on my YouTube channel! It will be posting a little bit more now because I actually have a decent video editing system on my new laptop. (which I am on right now) Anyway this video is really weird. Like all of mine will be. ;) So now I might actually get that Halloween video done. In January. . .

Also, the and moreee is the good part. :) I also got Miss Lilianna Vienna Young and Miss Maggie Loren Belladonna for Christmas! They're so pretty! Tomorrow I might post their photo story. Here's some pictures of them to give you a taste:
 Miss Lilianna
Miss Maggie

They're so pretty and so far are settling in just fine. (Better than Daphne, on her first day she already disliked Sonali!) Well thanks for reading! I'm getting close to 200 posts! I would really appreciate it if you could watch my new video, too. :)



Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Christmas! Have a bestest best better greatly awesome day! (and don't forget what Christmas is all about, despite the totally awesome dolls ;) )

Hope you liked my dolls' portraits!


Phoebe + Dolls :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lucy and the Happenings

Good day everyone. Today I, Lucy McKay Belladonna, will post about the happenings.
As all of you know, Christmas is Sunday. So, early wishes for a Merry Christmas from myself and the others. :) Also, I hope that Phoebe will get my twin sister Maggie (30)! We already have her raspberry glasses. I really hope that she comes home. :) We planned our new bed arrangements if she does. Gwendolyn will move and share a bed with Cammrie so then Maggie can have the bed underneath mine.

Speaking of glasses you'll never guess what the "wise one" did to mine on Tuesday. Well, first of all, the part that keeps the long parts attached to the front snapped in half. Then, she lost the tiny part that broke off. Fortunately, the bottom will still stay on without that little part, but when we order McKenna next year I'll probably have to get new glasses, too.  Of course they would have the exact same frame and be the same color. Unless American Girl decides to retire them. In that situation I'll just have to make due with said broken frames. I am not going to change my glasses.

Maggie's glasses look like much better quality. They're much sturdier so maybe she won't have to go through the same thing.

Also, since I mentioned McKenna, I hope that you've all seen her picture about the Internet. Phoebe just loves her. Personally, I like her dress. It's my kind of style. So she will be a definite get. But, I don't remember where exactly we found this, she's going to have an expensive collection. I think (may be wrong here) $275 for a starter collection and over $700 for the whole world. Sooooo. . . . . we won't be getting very much McKenna stuff. Already I like her better than Kanani. No offense to you Kanani's or Kanani fans. (Especially Jessica o_0) She just seems more realistic and modern. More relatable, you know? I mean how many Hawaiian girls do you know? How many girls do you know with brownish hair and light eyes? Exactly.

I hope that didn't offend anybody. Kanani is very beautiful, but we can use McKenna items more than Kanani items (other than those pink sunglasses, aka Daphne's "thing").

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Lucy :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Moi is now old ;)

Yo peeps! Today's my birthday. :) It was totally awesome even though I had a math quiz and my social studies teacher had me stand on a desk. (I'm completely horrified by heights, even just 3 feet off the ground.)
So now I'm old! AhhhhhhMongooseAhhhhhhhh! One of my best friends wrote me a poem about how I'm old now and tall. :)
On a dollish note, I just about finished my holiday portraits. YAY! Only six more! And, I've only opened the gift from my grandparents, but I got Cecile's Parrot and Games, Kanani's Ukulele, and Mini Ivy! I've wanted two of those since forever point five. I'll post pictures sometime this week. :)
Random Gwen picture. :)

Also, the book cover of McKenna, GOTY 2012, is up on Caelen's blog! She's so pretty and I'm so glad her name isn't Velma. I love the name McKenna.


Peace Out,

Phoebe (who will be up until at least three tonight)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alice (part 1)

(Hey so I felt guilty about my neglect and so I'm posting a some-what old photo story about my new Liv doll Alice.)
 "This is such a great idea! We never get to do anything and today is such a lovely day!" exclaimed Danelia, enjoying the beautiful October day with her three friends.
 "I know! It was. It's just fabulous," responded Hayden, from atop the bushel of pink flowers that matched her hair rather well. Katie, however, did not enjoy this quite as much as the others.
 "Uh, it's so cold," she complained, whispering to herself and rubbing her arms trying to warm up.
"Why don't we explore some, Hayden? We've never come outside before," suggested Sophie proudly. Sophie acted as the 'baby' of the Liv dolls, even though she was older than Danelia.
 "That's a great idea, Sophie!"
"Yeah, I know! Let's go!"
Danelia and Hayden were very excited at the idea of an adventure in the new territory, but still gloomy Katie was not so excited. She managed to follow even with her lack of motivation towards the event.
As Danelia, Sophie, and Hayden walked on ahead of her, Katie continued to complain about the cold and that she was not dressed for such an expedition.
 The three girls enjoyed themselves as they frolicked amongst the herbs and enthusiastically explored the yard.
 Katie, however, was still pessimistic towards the situation and was sulking up on the windowsill. "Uh, this is so lame. I wish we could just go inside already."
Just as she was giving up on enjoying this day, a mysterious figure appeared below. This figure, dressed in a pale blue dress with long and elegant blond hair, stumbled along confused as she tried to find her way.
"Hey, that looks like another doll!"

~To Be Continued~ (due to time and Blogger's hesitation to upload pictures)


Phoebler <3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Taylor Swift :) (and some cute pictures)

So, today is one of my other favorite artists birthdays, Taylor Swift! She turned 22. :) So today I went around all day with this on my hand:
It says "22 Speak Now" if you can't tell. Plus, I am working on a music video for her amazing song "Ours". :) Here's a preview:

Okay. . . . .um. . . . well, you get the point I guess. Blogger is being weird. Okay then! But this won't be up for a while. Priorities. . .
Anyway, I'm going to prepare for Christmas portraits this weekend. :) Daphne has a totally awesome outfit and she looks fantastical. So does Gwendolyn, I tried a new hairstyle on her.

Peace Out,

(Also, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but I noticed a lack of comments on my last post. I don't mind, but I'm sorry for the random weird post. I just like He Is We a lot. . . .so I apologize for a non-doll related post and it won't happen again. After today, of course. If I want to post non-doll stuff then I'll just get another blog and not bother you all with randomness that is irrelevant to the main idea of this blog. Thanks for reading this if you did. :P)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

He Is We

Hey everybody. :) Today I just thought I would do a random post about one of my favorite groups, He Is We.
This is completely random, but I love them so much and you should love them too. ;) JK, you can love whatever you want to, but I recommend them.
He Is We is an indie pop band compiled of Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly. Rachel is the one that sings. They have one album on iTunes with two singles and a cover of Replay. Their album is called My Forever, and their singles are A Mess it Grows and All About Us ft. Owl City. Based on that last song, I bet you know how I found them. :)
Well, they are very talented and write excellent music. It's very catchy. One of their songs, And Run (which I'm listening to now), I made a little picture with Sam for.
(It's my Facebook icon.)
I love He Is We so much! They're amazing and you should go listen to them. :) Here's their most popular song, Happily Ever After. And here is All About Us ft. Owl City.
Their new single is being released on my birthday (December 20), so I'm super excited. <3 <3<3

Peace Out,

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form associated/affiliated with He Is We, Rachel Taylor, Trevor Kelly, or their record company. This post was made completely as a fan trying to spread the love of one of her favorite groups. I don't profit from this at all. So don't sue me. ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Honor Band :)

Hey everyone! See? I told you I would do better. ;) Also, on Saturday I went to audition for Honor Band. That is a group of people in band from your grade level in 3 counties (? I'm not sure but it's alot of people.) and if you make it one weekend in January everyone meets all day Saturday, after school on Friday, and have a concert on Sunday.

Anyway, today Mr. N posted the list. This was my first year trying, even though last year was the first year I could try. And, as I've mentioned before, I play the Clarinet. SOOOOO, I made it! I'm so excited, I just had to share. :) Out of 20 Clarinets, I got 6th chair, too! Also, I got a higher chair than my friend's friend who is in Jazz Band (I am not.)!
So anyway, I'm superhappyexcited and wanted to share it with all of you. :)

Peace Out People of the Internet!

Phoebe (who is very proud of that picture)

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Hi everyone! So today I got on my computer to edit some pictures, and I noticed something on my dashboard.
I have 70 flippin' followers!
Thank you all so much! I honestly didn't think I would ever get anymore. :) This really motivates me to blog more often. Thanks so much! 70 followers is definitely more than I deserve and I'm very thankful for everyone of you. It means so much to know that you all listen. :) None of my friends are into AG, so it's very special to me that I have all of you that care. :)
So, here's one of my new edits! It has the lyrics "and carried you away into the alligator sky" written on it. That's a quote from a totally awesome song off of Owl City's "All Things Bright And Beautiful" called, well, Alligator Sky.
 Here's another one from Enchanted by Taylor Swift (naturally). "Like passing notes in secrecy."

This was for my series that I started to make, Making It. It was supposed to be an album cover for Rebecca's character, Amber Anderson. I love the way this turned out and just had to show you. :)

THANKS SO MUCH FOR 70 FOLLOWERS! I love you all THIS much! *holds up one hand* (that means it goes all the way around the world and back to the other side)

Peace Out,

Phoebe (who also made a new header)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daphne Came!

Yeah! My long awaited Daphne came and she is so pretty! I just love her to pieces and so do Lanie and Evey. ;) Of course, she did come on Monday. Sorry this took so long, because of certain things I just don't feel like blogging lately. Plus, I had two big projects. Anyway, here is Missy Daphne:
Not the best picture, it doesn't do her justice by any means. She's sooo pretty! Also, I bought the Sweet School Dress. It's very pretty and Chrissa graciously modeled it for us.
This picture is much better. :) I'm so happy with my purchases and would highly recommend both of them to anybody! Especially Miss Daphey, but quite frankly no other #55 would be nearly as amazing. :) She is totally awesome! And I so less than three her! Haha, Starkid jokes.

Now, don't be surprised if I don't post very much anymore. I'm just not really motivated, it's just too stressful for me right now. But I'm not leaving you. I still love you all very much. :)

Peace Out,

Phoebler (and Daphne)