Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alice (part 1)

(Hey so I felt guilty about my neglect and so I'm posting a some-what old photo story about my new Liv doll Alice.)
 "This is such a great idea! We never get to do anything and today is such a lovely day!" exclaimed Danelia, enjoying the beautiful October day with her three friends.
 "I know! It was. It's just fabulous," responded Hayden, from atop the bushel of pink flowers that matched her hair rather well. Katie, however, did not enjoy this quite as much as the others.
 "Uh, it's so cold," she complained, whispering to herself and rubbing her arms trying to warm up.
"Why don't we explore some, Hayden? We've never come outside before," suggested Sophie proudly. Sophie acted as the 'baby' of the Liv dolls, even though she was older than Danelia.
 "That's a great idea, Sophie!"
"Yeah, I know! Let's go!"
Danelia and Hayden were very excited at the idea of an adventure in the new territory, but still gloomy Katie was not so excited. She managed to follow even with her lack of motivation towards the event.
As Danelia, Sophie, and Hayden walked on ahead of her, Katie continued to complain about the cold and that she was not dressed for such an expedition.
 The three girls enjoyed themselves as they frolicked amongst the herbs and enthusiastically explored the yard.
 Katie, however, was still pessimistic towards the situation and was sulking up on the windowsill. "Uh, this is so lame. I wish we could just go inside already."
Just as she was giving up on enjoying this day, a mysterious figure appeared below. This figure, dressed in a pale blue dress with long and elegant blond hair, stumbled along confused as she tried to find her way.
"Hey, that looks like another doll!"

~To Be Continued~ (due to time and Blogger's hesitation to upload pictures)


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