Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye, 2011

Yeah. As many of you hopefully know, today is that last day of 2011! I'm kind of sad that this year is already over; it feels like it just started! Anyway, I just thought I would post some cool things that happened around here and in the AG community for this year.
Here's my list:
  1. I had my one year blogoversary!
  2. Kanani Akina was GOTY and welcomed to Creekwater in the summer.
  3. AG released several new MAGs, amoung them 55 and 56, who were brought home as Daphne and Lilianna.
  4. The Belladona family grew with the addition of Maggie.
  5. AG released Marie Grace and Cecile!
  6. 71 lovely, fantastically amazing people follow this blog. (I love you all so much! <3)
  7. LTD got a YouTube channel and posted seven videos. (Haha, dedication, man. Dedication. ;))
  8. I grew in my photography skills. :)
  9. Team Starkid produced Starship! (Just thought I'd mention that for the eight hundredth time)
  10. Owl City released All Things Bright and Beautiful. (Just because I needed another item and love this guy!)
  11. My mini-me, 23, named Evelyne Barker arrived in the spring to inflict confusion onto many of her fellow dolls. :)

I hope you had a fantastic 2011! And that 2012 brings even greater things (like McKenna!).

Phoebe :)


  1. Happy new year's eve!! Here are some important events for me:
    -I started my blog/site
    -I received 2 new dolls: Emily and KIt
    -I got my own domain using WordPress
    -got a blog email

    <3 Priya

  2. Happy New Year, too! ;D

    I'm probably going to get "drunk"(lol, not really.) on sparkling white grape juice again tonight, just like last year, so I'm doing my blog stuff now. XD

    What's happened to me this year...
    -I got three new dolls
    -I became a TOTAL Otaku
    -I started writing a book

    You know, I'll just make a post about the stuff that's new since last year! XD



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