Saturday, December 10, 2011

He Is We

Hey everybody. :) Today I just thought I would do a random post about one of my favorite groups, He Is We.
This is completely random, but I love them so much and you should love them too. ;) JK, you can love whatever you want to, but I recommend them.
He Is We is an indie pop band compiled of Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly. Rachel is the one that sings. They have one album on iTunes with two singles and a cover of Replay. Their album is called My Forever, and their singles are A Mess it Grows and All About Us ft. Owl City. Based on that last song, I bet you know how I found them. :)
Well, they are very talented and write excellent music. It's very catchy. One of their songs, And Run (which I'm listening to now), I made a little picture with Sam for.
(It's my Facebook icon.)
I love He Is We so much! They're amazing and you should go listen to them. :) Here's their most popular song, Happily Ever After. And here is All About Us ft. Owl City.
Their new single is being released on my birthday (December 20), so I'm super excited. <3 <3<3

Peace Out,

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form associated/affiliated with He Is We, Rachel Taylor, Trevor Kelly, or their record company. This post was made completely as a fan trying to spread the love of one of her favorite groups. I don't profit from this at all. So don't sue me. ;)

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