Friday, December 30, 2011

LIlianna and Maggie :)

Pink text is from Maggie's perspective.
Blue text is from Lilianna's.

"Alright," began my sister, Lucy, on the day I would meet the other girls of Creekwater."Just so you're prepared, there are a lot of them." I was very excited! Lucy was very happy for me to come here.
"But," Daphne said, "They're all very nice and both of you will just love every single one! They're so genuinely kind!" I was very glad she said this. I'm not exactly comfortable around new people and was very nervous.
Lucy led us into the room. Daphne spoke with the other girl. Lilianna seemed very nervous. I can't imagine why! I was so excited!
As I walked past I noted just how many other girls there were. . . .
"Okay everybody," started Lucy with that assertive tone that I never got. "This is my twin Maggie. She's new so don't scare her too much today. Lanie, I'm talking to you."
A blond girl with very curly hair answered her. "Hey! I'm wearing my references, Lucy!"
"Alright, Maggie why don't you go and talk to everyone?" "Okay," I agreed, walking towards the first group.
Everyone was so nice! So far I love Creekwater!
I even met another girl, whose name was Mia, that also was an ice skater like me! I can't wait to skate with her sometimes.
After I met everyone, Lucy showed me my bed. I just love everything here!
Daphne led me over to our side of the room. As she did, she got me a tad more used to the idea of so many roommates. I'm still nervous, though.
"Hey everyone," Daphne began with a calm and reassuring voice. "This is Lilianna Vienna Young. She comes here from Minnesota."
I looked around. There really were a lot of them.
"Hi, I um," I began nervously. "Um, uh. . . .I. . ." "Just go up to each one individually," encouraged Daphne from behind. I took her advice.
I walked over to the first group. This was much easier. Everyone was so kind and also reassuring.

I even met a few girls that liked Owl City like me! One of them is from Hawaii, which reminds me of Sky Diver. :) I love it here so far. I feel so welcomed.

Hope you enjoyed! This was very time consuming. -_- But it was worth it. :)


Phoebe, Lilianna, and Maggie

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  1. Sweet! I now confirm my suspicions that #56 looks like Lanie... Hair-wise, at least! XD



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