Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lucy and the Happenings

Good day everyone. Today I, Lucy McKay Belladonna, will post about the happenings.
As all of you know, Christmas is Sunday. So, early wishes for a Merry Christmas from myself and the others. :) Also, I hope that Phoebe will get my twin sister Maggie (30)! We already have her raspberry glasses. I really hope that she comes home. :) We planned our new bed arrangements if she does. Gwendolyn will move and share a bed with Cammrie so then Maggie can have the bed underneath mine.

Speaking of glasses you'll never guess what the "wise one" did to mine on Tuesday. Well, first of all, the part that keeps the long parts attached to the front snapped in half. Then, she lost the tiny part that broke off. Fortunately, the bottom will still stay on without that little part, but when we order McKenna next year I'll probably have to get new glasses, too.  Of course they would have the exact same frame and be the same color. Unless American Girl decides to retire them. In that situation I'll just have to make due with said broken frames. I am not going to change my glasses.

Maggie's glasses look like much better quality. They're much sturdier so maybe she won't have to go through the same thing.

Also, since I mentioned McKenna, I hope that you've all seen her picture about the Internet. Phoebe just loves her. Personally, I like her dress. It's my kind of style. So she will be a definite get. But, I don't remember where exactly we found this, she's going to have an expensive collection. I think (may be wrong here) $275 for a starter collection and over $700 for the whole world. Sooooo. . . . . we won't be getting very much McKenna stuff. Already I like her better than Kanani. No offense to you Kanani's or Kanani fans. (Especially Jessica o_0) She just seems more realistic and modern. More relatable, you know? I mean how many Hawaiian girls do you know? How many girls do you know with brownish hair and light eyes? Exactly.

I hope that didn't offend anybody. Kanani is very beautiful, but we can use McKenna items more than Kanani items (other than those pink sunglasses, aka Daphne's "thing").

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Lucy :)


  1. We are all excited about Christmas this year too .. it is sooooo fun to get to share with your family. I hope that Maggie shows up for Christmas, it would be awesome to have your sister with you.

    Also hoping that you get your glasses soon, it is hard when they are breaking. I have an extra pair Mama got for me to use if mine break.

    We loved McKenna too, but I doubt she will come live here, Mama thinks she has enough of us girls to try to spend time with. That is neat that you are planning on having her come live in your family.

    Merry Christmas to you and a wonderfully Happy New Year.


  2. I haven't done ANYTHING for Christmas yet! D: I haven't even gotten around to setting up my doll-sized Christmas tree! I'm worried I might be going insane.

    Merry Christmas to you and your dolls, Phoebe! :D



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