Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Moi is now old ;)

Yo peeps! Today's my birthday. :) It was totally awesome even though I had a math quiz and my social studies teacher had me stand on a desk. (I'm completely horrified by heights, even just 3 feet off the ground.)
So now I'm old! AhhhhhhMongooseAhhhhhhhh! One of my best friends wrote me a poem about how I'm old now and tall. :)
On a dollish note, I just about finished my holiday portraits. YAY! Only six more! And, I've only opened the gift from my grandparents, but I got Cecile's Parrot and Games, Kanani's Ukulele, and Mini Ivy! I've wanted two of those since forever point five. I'll post pictures sometime this week. :)
Random Gwen picture. :)

Also, the book cover of McKenna, GOTY 2012, is up on Caelen's blog! She's so pretty and I'm so glad her name isn't Velma. I love the name McKenna.


Peace Out,

Phoebe (who will be up until at least three tonight)


  1. Happy birthday Phoebe! :D Love the picture of Gwen<3

  2. I know I was at your party, Pheebs, but again, Happy Birthday :D



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