Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Video and moreee. . .(read this!)

YOU READ THAT RIGHT!! I, Phoebe A. Last-name-not-to-be-said, actually posted a new video on my YouTube channel! It will be posting a little bit more now because I actually have a decent video editing system on my new laptop. (which I am on right now) Anyway this video is really weird. Like all of mine will be. ;) So now I might actually get that Halloween video done. In January. . .

Also, the and moreee is the good part. :) I also got Miss Lilianna Vienna Young and Miss Maggie Loren Belladonna for Christmas! They're so pretty! Tomorrow I might post their photo story. Here's some pictures of them to give you a taste:
 Miss Lilianna
Miss Maggie

They're so pretty and so far are settling in just fine. (Better than Daphne, on her first day she already disliked Sonali!) Well thanks for reading! I'm getting close to 200 posts! I would really appreciate it if you could watch my new video, too. :)




  1. Hey, doesn't Lilianna look a LOTTT like Lanie?

    But, she's STILL sooooo pretty! :D


  2. Actually, she looks a lot more like Kit. But because mine has glasses she still looks different. :)



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