Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! (200th post)

Anyway, today is also my 200th post! Isn't that awesome??
But, even though I say this all the time and by now you're probably tired of it, I couldn't have done any of this without YOU! Otherwise, I would have stopped a long time ago. So, I made this for you delightful people if you want to put it on your sidebar:
This is likely the only time I give you permission to take a photo. Please do not save any except for the one above if you want to. I'm taking a leap of faith here, so be kind please.

The words on the picture say "I'm a wonderful, delightful, fantastic, lovely, appreciated, magical follower of Love That Doll. :)

ANnnNNyyYYYYWWWwwwaaaaAAAAyyyYYYYYyyyYYY. . . . . .
McKenna Brooks. I love her. She's gorgeous. I must get her later this year. Especially her School Outfit. I have a sweater that same color!

Plus, the starter collection is a must. I assume some of you have noticed that the warm-up outfit is exclusive to the starter collection. Personally, I think that's a tad tacky. But, I understand. The economy and all that. . . .so AG must do things like exclusive, shiny, orange and purple outfits to get people to get this collection.

PLUSSSS, that umbrella!! Ack! So cute that it's cuteness could kill me! However, $34 is way over the top for an umbrella and shoes.

Lastly, the very final thing from McKenna's world I will mention is the bed. That bed is amazing. I love it and one of my best friends has one very similar to it! Isn't that cool?? But it's soooo expensive! Yet it comes with a hamster. o_0 Decisions, decisions.

So, since I am me, I started to formulate a plan. As soon as I have enough money, I will get McKenna's Starter Collection and School Outfit. Then, I will spend practically nothing the rest of the year until around November-ish with free shipping when I might get the bed! Now, this probably won't work like that at all, but I can dream, right? ;)

What do you girls like from McKenna's world? Is she a must get or a meh? Don't you just love her wig? ;)



  1. Congrats!!! I'm not a big fan of McKenna, but I like her school outfit and rain gear.

    Happy new year,

  2. Happy New Years to you, Phoebe!

  3. Strangley enough, we both like the SAME THINGS from her world! XD I noticed that the bed looks like one of our best friends, too, and I mostly want it so I can give Lily a hamster! XD The bed and pajamas are probably the two things that I N-E-E-D to get first, but I'll probably end up getting the school outfit(MAYBE the umbrella, I'm not sure.), bed, pajamas, and starter collection. :D



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