Friday, January 20, 2012

Liv Dolls (up to date and link for cursors)

Hey! Sorry it's been a while. Well, today I'm going to introduce you all to all of my Liv dolls. :) Since you last saw them, I've added quite a few.

Oh, and a lot of you asked for the link for the unicorn cursor. HERE IT ISS!!!!!
First, we have Danelia (this photo is kind of bad, sorry). She was the fourth one I got. Danelia is closest to Katie and Hayden and is probably the most normal one here. She's pretty average, enjoys fashion like most dolls. :) Very pretty, highly recommended and she is the "It's My Nature" Danelia.
Next is Hayden! Hayden was my first one, and probably one of my favorites (shhhhh. . . .don't tell Katie). She is shown wearing Alexis' wig. Hayden is outdoorsy and a very close second normal wise. She's great friends with everyone and very welcoming, but Sophie has claimed her for her best friend. Hayden is gorgeous! I love Haydens most of all. The version shown here is also "It's My Nature".
After we have Hayden, there's Alice! Alice was the fifth doll of mine. Alice is very shy and soooo pretty! Definitely the prettiest of the girls I have. She's very quiet and shy, being placed in a new environment. Her best friend is Nilly. Alice is definitely recommended! I just love her terribly! She is the Sophie from the "Alice in Wonderland" series.
Afterwards, we have Katie! Katie is pictured in Alice's wig. :) Katie was my second Liv doll and one of the most developed characters I have. She's very self-centered and feels as if she's better than everyone. Katie is obsessed with fashion and such, and she always wears her little black and white neck bow. She's best friends with Danelia and Hayden. Katie is gorgeous and has beautiful green eyes. I have the "Moonlight Dance" Katie. Highly recommended once more.

Next I bring Nilly! Nilly, also known as Nildro-hain from Watership Down, is my sixth and second newest. She's also very quiet like Alice, but also bright and bubbly. Nilly is gorgeous! She's the Hayden from "Alice in Wonderland", but renamed, and the wig shown is not the one that comes on her. I love Nilly!
Here we have Sophie. Sophie was my third Liv doll. Sophie is not exactly the brightest. She has a child-like, but very lovable mentality. Her and Hayden are best friends. Sophie's personality is definitely my favorite. :) She is the "Moonlight Dance" Sophie. The shoes that come with her are wonderful. Highly recommended once more.

Lastly we have pretty Alexis. Alexis is the newest of them all. She doesn't really have a set personality yet, though she seems to get along well with Hayden and Danelia. She is the "Spa Doll" Alexis. Though the color changing doesn't really work on the wig, she's still very pretty and has a gorgeous dress!

Thanks for reading all of this! If you have a question about one or would like a review on a specific doll just comment. :) I'd make a review video if you'd like.



  1. I THOUGHT I didn't recognize two of them! XD No wonder, because I haven't seen them at your house before(man, if people didn't know we knew each other, I would sound like a stalker! XD) I love your new dolls, Phoebe! ;D


  2. ai q lindas!! adoro as dolls livs.
    posta mais sobre elas


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