Monday, January 2, 2012

My Entry For Gabby's GOTY 2013 Contest!

Name: Taite Stepien
Age: 11
City: Vergennes, Vermont
Story: Taite is just a regular girl from Vermont. She has friends, like her best friend Denise Smith, listens to the radio, and does well in school. But suddenly Taite is faced with a problem. A girl at school, named Lynelle Beatty, shows up to school one day with a bruise. Taite asks what happened and Lynelle avoids her question. Soon enough Taite and Denise figure out what’s going on. Taite figures that Lynelle was being hit at home. Taite continually tries to confront Lynelle about this to help her, but she just sinks back into her shell. Finally, Taite goes to her parents and gets Lynelle some help. This event bothered Taite so much that now she and Denise are creating a campaign for awareness of child abuse. How will this plan go over? What happens to Lynelle? Will Taite be able to make an impact? That’s what happens in Taite and Taite Makes a Change.

This is my entry for Gabby’s contest at I Heart American Girl. The picture is #25 with blue eyes and freckles added, if the quality is low and you can’t tell I apologize. Also, I have my parent's permission to enter. :)


  1. Wow, what a great character and story! It's an awesome idea. :D I am entering, too (well if I get parent permission, that is).

  2. Good job .. that would make a great new story line ..


  3. Wow! That was a great story and such a cute doll! You really created a unique doll- good job!


  4. That is an amazing story!!!!!!!!!! It would be awesome if AG made a doll like that!!!!!!!! I love her!!!!!!! Great story!!!!!!!!! :D


  5. I L-O-V-E-D it! I think that Taite is a great character, but it reminds me of something... It kind of reminds me of Chrissa's story, but the doll and characters are different enough to not easily see a similarity... I really DO think it's good, and I like the idea, though! :D :D :D


  6. I love American Girl Dolls


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