Sunday, January 22, 2012

Picnik's Leaving?

Yep. There will be no more Picnik. According to their website they're closing April 19th! But until then, Premium features are free to all users (yay) and they will give the Premium users a full refund.
I'm very upset about this! This is where I edit all my headers and icons and, well, everything!!
I first found this out from Leanna at Loop-de-Loop. She has more detail, if you're interested.
So anyway, why do I post this if Leanna just did? Well, if anybody out there has another cool site they use for editing I would love to know! I need an editor for my headers and lots of other stuff! (Even my Facebook icon was made on Picnik!) So if anyone has a good editor please comment below and let me know! (or email at, if you can't comment) I will love you for forever and a half if you do so. :)

Peace Out,

(Who is taking advantage of Premium features until April 19th!)


  1. If you have a Mac, there's an app on the App Store called Pixelmator that you can get. My dad showed it to me but I haven't gotten it yet.

  2. SOOO SAD! I use it to edit backgrounds...NOW WHAT CAN PEOPLE USE?????

  3. Hey Phoebe! I was so bummed to see that, too, because, like you, I rely on Picnik a LOT! I'm going to do some searching, and if I find anything good, I'll be sure to let you know. I guess they made that decision sometime around the 13th, because my best friend used some premium stuff that day and posted to FB, and didn't buy premium....I just hadn't been in myself to find out until this week. Oh, and I got an e-mail about it yesterday. :/

  4. I haven't used Picnik in FOREVER, but now I may just use it to have free Premium features! :D But, It's still a shame that it's closing... :(


  5. So, after a long while, I have found a possible solution.
    I found a site that lists all sorts of Picnik alternatives - hopefully everyone can find something that works for them!!!


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