Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today is February 29th! Which only happens once every four years. Isn't that amazing? Today is awesome.

I can even explain to you why we have leap day! (the Earth actually revolves around the sun in 365 1/4 days, so every four years we add those parts together to form an extra day, which is Leap Day) But that would be boring, wouldn't it? ;)

So anyway, Chrissa and I took some pictures to show the awesomeness of leap day. If you can figure out why these pictures relate to leap day, comment below! I want to see if anyone gets it. :)

Guess below! I would love to hear your guesses. :)

Also, happy birthday to Ali! I love her. She's inspiring. And amazing. And she's just a great person!

Piece Out,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2 to Giveaway!

YEAHH!!!!Many of you likely remember my summer giveaway last year (particularly Caelen and Miranda) and this year I think that I'll be doing a 75 followers giveaway!
The items this time would go to one winner, and it's a pink and green backpack like from the last one with a matching hat! It's super cute.

Only.... I don't have 75 followers yet. Hence the name "2 to Giveaway", once I get two more followers I'll have the giveaway! I don't generally do stuff like this, but I want to inspire people to follow. :P ha ha

Anyway, on a completely different note, I finally have a Monster High doll! YEAH BUDDY! Frankie Stein was the one that I got, and she was on sale for some reason.
BUT she's quite pretty with her mismatched eyes. :)
Well there you have it. :) She's purty, and I love her! Monster High dolls are even shorter than Liv dolls and much skinnier.

Peace Out, folks.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Delightful New Dress :)

So I mentioned those doll clothes that I got for Valentine's Day from my parents; well here's one of them!

Now, I don't want this to sound conceited or anything but this is likely the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen. I love it with passion. It is beautifully made and the colors just work so well together. It fits perfectly and really compliment's Sonali's features. ;)

If you're wondering, this {fantabulous} dress came from Sew Dolled Up.  You can visit her Etsy HERE! I own many pieces by her and I love each and every one of them. She's truly amazing and is highly recommended.

On another note, I am beginning the long, tedious, time consuming, not very pleasant, but quite rewarding process of remaking portraits for all my girls to update the "My Dolls" segment of this blog. Some of those pictures are really outdated and therefore not at all my best work. SO I STARTED TODAY WITH NALI AND TINA-GIRL!!! Here's Christina's picture:
Also I changed the look of the blog! I'm particularly fond of this one. I love the black and white themes and of course I leap at any occasion to use a picture of Lilianna. :)

I love you people,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I have big plans!

I HAVE BIG PLANS. *whacks with pillow*

Anyway, I do!
I have written about these girls briefly before, but now I have it all planned out. I just need to find the right dolls.....

I bet you're wondering what I'm talking about, right? Well, in a post from a while back I briefly described my plans for Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray from Glee. Well, recently I figured out just what I want for them!

Rachel Barbra Berry-
Rachel would be compiled from either a Julie or #53. I would need a doll with the Josefina face mold and brown eyes, basically.
Also, the wig that I would use would be THIS ONE from Ruby Red Galleria, which was a recommended company by Stephenswodadancer. It's just a tad long but otherwise I think it would be perfect for her!
And for clothing, I have the new-ish Sweet School Dress which is nearly perfect for her style. :) Also, I have seen some red sweaters with animals on them before, I just don't remember where, unfortunately. :/ BUT! I could find that again and it would just be darling. ^_^

Lucy Quinn Fabray-

For Quinn I would need either a #41 or #52. She needs the new kind of green eyes to match the hazel of Diana's, but #37 wouldn't work because of her freckles.
The wig I picked for Quinny is also from RRG, but this one is HEREEEEEE.
Quinn's style is challenging for me, I don't really have any dresses for her and don't know where to go with it. It seems like she mainly wears dresses, that are pretty modern this season but more of the baby doll type for season 1, which is the hair I'm going for. But that can be figured out later if necessary.

So, why did I do this? Well, I wanted to share my big plans with you, and I was bored. :P
But also, if you ever happen to be browsing across EBay some day and ponder upon a  #41 or 52 for less than $70, I would really appreciate it if you would contact me about her! You could comment, of course, or email me. (lovethatdoll at yahoo dot com) If you do this then I will seriously love you forever. Like seriously love you. Like (if you wouldn't be creeped out) send you a thank you card if I got the doll. That's how much I would love you.

So, anyway, peace out.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tag Difference

(this post has some mini dolls in it without clothes, to show the tags, so if this offends you please skip this post THANKSSSS!!! :D)

So, this afternoon I was changing Mini Cecile (who was a delightful Christmas gift from my aunt) and I noticed something. She had a positively huge tag sticking out of her back!
See what I mean? That thing is huge! I noticed this on the new headbands, too. I got my dad to cut off those tags. This is manageable, though. It folds nicely over front of her and you can't even tell with her clothes on, which is why it took me this long to find it.

Here's a comparison picture of Ruthie's old version of the tag with Cecile's new version:
I don't see why this was necessary. I've been trying to side with American Girl recently, ya know since I really want to work for them when the time comes, but I just can't figure this one out. I mean, the little tag would have been cheaper anyway.

Well, what do you think about this?


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!


You know who I love? You people!!

Anyway, have a fantabulous rest of your day! And be sure to tell that special person (or doll) that you care for them. I know I did.........


So did Evelyne, for that matter.

I got some new outfits for my girlies today. :) Pictures soon!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dolly Dress Up :)

Hehehe :)
Yesterday afternoon I decided to dress up a few of my dolls as characters from the musical that my friend and I are trying to write. It's not going as well as I'd like, but it's still awesome. :)
 Here Rebecca is dressed up as Paige Number (yep). She's the main character's older sister and is going to marry a guy named Drake.
Evey is dressed as Paige's sister, the protagonist, Fonabelle "Fone" Number. She's very interesting and gets into some quite odd adventures with Drake's Brother (that's his actual name).
Here is Nicole dressed up as Fone's best friend from the orphanage, Charlie. Charlie isn't very bright sometimes.
Also, we have Maggie dressed as the leader of a gang, by the name of Shadow. Her character's name is Luna Lue and is my absolute favorite. :)
 Next is Julie dressed as Francis. Francis is the main antagonist and the wife of their landlord, Frederick. She dislikes the children with a passion.
Just for fun I took this picture. :)

I hope you enjoyed meeting these few characters! I'll let you guys know if we ever finish writing this. ;)


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Daphey!

AND DARREN CRISS!!! Yeah! Today is their birthday. :) So we had a little party to celebrate.
It was a beautiful day in February, that also happened to be Daphne's birthday, and her and Lanie were busily chatting during her party. The subject topic being Glee, of course.

(sorry for the bad picture, it looked fine on my camera ): )
As were Felicity and Evey, deep into a debate about Klaine and Seblaine.

"Oh come on Felicity," Evey argued, being a Seblaine shipper. "Even you can't deny that there's something between them."

 "Well yes, Evelyne," answered Lissie. "But, no couple on Glee has ever been as momentous as Klaine."
"That helps my argument, Felicity."
Mia was attempting to reach the bacon across the table, this being the main reason she came, of course.
 "Well, Daphne, they obviously had that happen because Darren was on Broadway so he couldn't film much," spat Lanie, eager to speak of this topic.
"Well, obviously, but there's something deeper there between those characters, Lanie."
"HEY!" shouted LynLyn from a couple feet away. "Don't argue with Daphne on her birthday, Lanie. Not cool, man."
 "Hey, well I can't just stand her and let her be WRONG!" rebutted Lanie.
"But still, woman. Just stop."
"Hey, you have no right to tell me what I can and can't do!" answered Lanie.
"OH YEAHHH???" answered Evey, very loudly.

"Whoa whoa whoa," interuppted Daphne. "Everybody just calm down."

 "Lanie, you have a  valid point and I respect that."
"I know."
"Evey, thank you for trying to stand up for me."
"No prob."
 "Also Klaine is boss."
Evey and Lanie separated and calmed down, so Daphne turned her attention to another fascinating guest.
"Mia, what on earth are you doing?"
"I'm trying to get some bacon."
"Well, okay then. Let's get off the table now," Daphne spoke and lead Mia down, reluctantly.
 She got her bacon and then became immersed into a scarily normal conversation with Daphne and Felicity.
Meanwhile Lanie and Evey were obnoxiously singing to "Status Quo".

 "Hey guys, I came by to drop off the present," called Lucy moments afterwards.
"Ummm..." She walked in on the five of them performing a very interesting rendition of "The Way I Do". Lucy never expected she would find a party where Mia was acting the most sane of them all.
"Hey Lucy, you want to join us?" invited the birthday doll.
"No thanks, I just came by to drop off your gift," answered Lucy, eager to leave.
"You're missing out, girl," sang Evey enthusiastically.

"I wonder what it is," Daphne questioned after her gift was placed on the table by Lanie and Felicity. "Evey obviously helped to wrap." She noted, referencing toward all the ribbons.

"Well, this wouldn't be a party without a musical number!" Daphey suggested, happy to suggest such an event. This being said,the fan-girly squeals began.
The five of them creatively performed "I Wanna Be" throughout the town, scaring all that dared walk by.

Only in Creekwater.......
After the performance, they somehow managed to find their way back to the party location so Daphne could open her gift.

"Ooooh," she cooed as she started to lift the cover.

"Whoa! It's Pav! Aw, thanks guys!"
(If you didn't know, Pavarotti "Pav" was the pet canary for the Dalton Academy Warblers. Blaine, played by Darren, was their lead until season 3 when he transferred.)
"You're welcome."

So, anyway, there's something that I was getting at here.
Happy birthday, Darren. I love you, man. :)

p.s. Isn't today the Super Bowl or something like that? ;) Oh well, just so that D.P. won't neglect me on Monday, go Patriots! ;P