Monday, February 20, 2012

Delightful New Dress :)

So I mentioned those doll clothes that I got for Valentine's Day from my parents; well here's one of them!

Now, I don't want this to sound conceited or anything but this is likely the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen. I love it with passion. It is beautifully made and the colors just work so well together. It fits perfectly and really compliment's Sonali's features. ;)

If you're wondering, this {fantabulous} dress came from Sew Dolled Up.  You can visit her Etsy HERE! I own many pieces by her and I love each and every one of them. She's truly amazing and is highly recommended.

On another note, I am beginning the long, tedious, time consuming, not very pleasant, but quite rewarding process of remaking portraits for all my girls to update the "My Dolls" segment of this blog. Some of those pictures are really outdated and therefore not at all my best work. SO I STARTED TODAY WITH NALI AND TINA-GIRL!!! Here's Christina's picture:
Also I changed the look of the blog! I'm particularly fond of this one. I love the black and white themes and of course I leap at any occasion to use a picture of Lilianna. :)

I love you people,

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  1. Wow, I love Sonali's new dress! And our blog theme is really awesome, too! I love it! ;)



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