Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dolly Dress Up :)

Hehehe :)
Yesterday afternoon I decided to dress up a few of my dolls as characters from the musical that my friend and I are trying to write. It's not going as well as I'd like, but it's still awesome. :)
 Here Rebecca is dressed up as Paige Number (yep). She's the main character's older sister and is going to marry a guy named Drake.
Evey is dressed as Paige's sister, the protagonist, Fonabelle "Fone" Number. She's very interesting and gets into some quite odd adventures with Drake's Brother (that's his actual name).
Here is Nicole dressed up as Fone's best friend from the orphanage, Charlie. Charlie isn't very bright sometimes.
Also, we have Maggie dressed as the leader of a gang, by the name of Shadow. Her character's name is Luna Lue and is my absolute favorite. :)
 Next is Julie dressed as Francis. Francis is the main antagonist and the wife of their landlord, Frederick. She dislikes the children with a passion.
Just for fun I took this picture. :)

I hope you enjoyed meeting these few characters! I'll let you guys know if we ever finish writing this. ;)



  1. Sweet! I think I like Lucy's outfit the best. ;D


    1. I think you mean Maggie. ;)

    2. Oh. XD Well, they ARE really similar... But, I still like it!



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