Saturday, February 18, 2012

I have big plans!

I HAVE BIG PLANS. *whacks with pillow*

Anyway, I do!
I have written about these girls briefly before, but now I have it all planned out. I just need to find the right dolls.....

I bet you're wondering what I'm talking about, right? Well, in a post from a while back I briefly described my plans for Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray from Glee. Well, recently I figured out just what I want for them!

Rachel Barbra Berry-
Rachel would be compiled from either a Julie or #53. I would need a doll with the Josefina face mold and brown eyes, basically.
Also, the wig that I would use would be THIS ONE from Ruby Red Galleria, which was a recommended company by Stephenswodadancer. It's just a tad long but otherwise I think it would be perfect for her!
And for clothing, I have the new-ish Sweet School Dress which is nearly perfect for her style. :) Also, I have seen some red sweaters with animals on them before, I just don't remember where, unfortunately. :/ BUT! I could find that again and it would just be darling. ^_^

Lucy Quinn Fabray-

For Quinn I would need either a #41 or #52. She needs the new kind of green eyes to match the hazel of Diana's, but #37 wouldn't work because of her freckles.
The wig I picked for Quinny is also from RRG, but this one is HEREEEEEE.
Quinn's style is challenging for me, I don't really have any dresses for her and don't know where to go with it. It seems like she mainly wears dresses, that are pretty modern this season but more of the baby doll type for season 1, which is the hair I'm going for. But that can be figured out later if necessary.

So, why did I do this? Well, I wanted to share my big plans with you, and I was bored. :P
But also, if you ever happen to be browsing across EBay some day and ponder upon a  #41 or 52 for less than $70, I would really appreciate it if you would contact me about her! You could comment, of course, or email me. (lovethatdoll at yahoo dot com) If you do this then I will seriously love you forever. Like seriously love you. Like (if you wouldn't be creeped out) send you a thank you card if I got the doll. That's how much I would love you.

So, anyway, peace out.


  1. Thanks for the whack! Here's a thank-you whack! *whacks with pillow* n_n I'll DEFINITELY tell you if I find a doll on eBay that fits those conditions! :D


  2. Here's a #41 she's used and up for auction (right now there's a bid for $2.55).

    And here is #52 I think... a little over $70 with some extra clothes.


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