Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alice Display

Whoa... okay Blogger has a new layout for me and it's weird..... It's too open and bright and stuff and I don't like it. 0_o 
Anyway, a few weeks ago I set up a new little display with Alice (the Liv doll) and a bed on my dresser! The bed is from Land's End (I think) but a really long time ago. Like ten years.... or less. Yeah I really have no idea.

Well, here it is! Please pardon the messy room in the mirror, organization can slip away from me in certain occasions. ;) This was supposed to be reflecting Wonderland a tad. The dishes are obviously for the Mad Hatter and his never ending tea time, since he upset time and all. Which is why I have the clock! (Okay, I just needed somewhere to put this clock.)
 Here's the night stand! Some of this stuff was just cute, so I used it, but the pig actually is from the actual book. In part of the book Alice takes a baby that eventually turns into a pig. :) That was awesome. The catipillar is also there because it was the creature that told her to eat the different sides of the mushroom, which would return her to different heights.


I hope you like. :)

Have you ever seen (or even better, read) Alice in Wonderland? I love the book, personally. :)

Peace Out, bro!

P.S. It's too cloudy today to take pictures, so McKenna still hasn't met the other girls, but once she has I might be able to make a video of her hair and review what I have so far (some is backordered).


  1. *O* I love your display!!! The bed is so gosh darn adorable! And I started cracking up when I saw the orange clock (inside joke, people).

    And, as a side note, since I like, LOVE tea now, I wish I screwed up time like the Mad Hatter so it was always tea time! XD


  2. This is so cute! I love it! :D


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