Sunday, April 29, 2012

McKenna's Practice Wardrobe!

Hey! It's been a while... hehe....
Anyway, yesterday my final piece of McKenna's Starter Collection came!! WE HAVE NOTHING ON BACK ORDER ANYMORE!!!
It's gorgeous. I love it. So Kennie and I went outside for some pictures! The t-shirt isn't pictured, though.
I know nothing about gymnastics, so I apologize in advance if this pose is totally logic-missing. :)

Everything is very nice! The leotard is nicely made and GORGEOUS!! The colors look so pretty on McKenna! The shorts are fuzzy and nice and I think they look pretty accurate for modern styles. The hair accessories are awesome! It has blue and purple hairbands, two of each, and a really cool headband, which I love. And for the foot brace, again, I don't know anything about this stuff, but it was a little tight to get on and now she won't stand up evenly. -_- But otherwise it is nicely done.
Oh, and the sweater. It has Velcro in the back and is, well, only the most adorable thing ever. :)
The shirt is not pictured and I haven't put it on anybody yet but it also looks adorable and nicely made!

Well, for what I have seen, AG has done a very nice job with McKenna's collection. It's higher quality than I expected from them based on recent opinions. All of her collection (well, okay the three outfits that I have) are highly recommended by me! As well as the doll. If you were considering her, I would highly recommend this one! SHE'S BEAUTIFUL, DARLING! 

That's it for my McKenna rants of the day! :) I love my darling Kennie girl.

Have a delightful day!

P.S. Miranda and I have state testing this week. ICK! :(

Sunday, April 22, 2012


We have solved the problem. And now I can bring you photos once more. So here's some random stuff I took recently:
Pretty Julie

 Feet. Need I say more?

 Danelia's guitar.

DAPHEY! <3 (oh and my kitchen)

 Chrissa's pretty dress. I love this picture. :)

I'm very happy about this. Now the trailer for my series is up! I'M SO EXCITED!!! I hope you all like it! It was written by my friend Christine and I edited it slightly for content.... some of it was not internet-friendly. ;) But it's awesome. You should go watch the trailer. 
I will love you if you give me feedback! <3 (okay, I'll love you anyway, but this will add to the love) So go HERE! to watch it. :)

Oh, and happy Earth Day! I'm picture-happy today so here's something on theme for once!

That last thing I just totally made up. :)
Well, have a nice day! I hope you enjoyed my random post!


Friday, April 20, 2012

The Queen of Optimism

{Okay, so everybody I thought of this weird/awesome idea to just have dolls write about themselves and stuff they do and all that. Well, I really just felt like writing today! But, anyway, I may not do very many but today we have Maggie.}

Hai!!! Well, the name is Maggie. Maggie Loren Belladona, actually. I'm not really sure how to do this, I've never written like I expect people to read it before. Never even kept a diary. Writing isn't my thing. Actually, there are several things that I prefer to that. :D Why don't I start with those??
Okay, so here's your Maggie-trivia for the day. Take notes, there might be a test! ;)
  • My birthday, as well as that of my twin sister Lucy, is July 17 and I am 13 years old.
  • My favorite color? PINK! I love pink. WITH A PASSION!!! I even have pink glasses and right now I'm wearing a pink tutu-thing with ice skates.
  • Speaking of ice skates... I'm a figure skater! Or have been. It's hard to keep up with it around here, as are most things.
  • My ears are pierced, and my favorite earrings are the green ones with Sugar the dog on them. :)
  • As most girls here, I love Glee! Unlike the others, though, I don't favor Blaine and the Warblers but Rachel and Finn. I LOVE FINCHEL!!! <3
  • Pretending (from Nationals in Glee season 2) is my favorite song! As well as various others... that's just one of my favorites.
  • I only wear mini skirts! My sissy and I never wear actual pants. EVER!
So that's the gist of Maggie Belladona! As I said, I'm kind of a figure skater. Only it's really hard to keep up with that due to the facts that we have no wear that resembles a rink and Phoebe knows basically next to nothing about this! Ha ha, she knows what she knows from a DS game and Mia's PC game. :) But recently Mia, who also used to skate, were all like "WHOA!!! WE SHOULD DO A SKATE ROUTINE TOGETHER!!!!" So that was really fun to play with! Mia's really nice when she wants to be. We have a lot in common, too. Only she's more subdued and not quite as optimistic as I am. :) I'm the Queen of Optimism!

On another note of my life here in Creekwater, I've been trying to be inducted into Daphne's social group! She's so nice to me and I love her! I really want her to let me join but I think that they all underestimate me. They don't think I can handle the insanity that goes on for some reason. I guess they think that since I'm so cheerful that I'm fragile or whatever I couldn't handle it. But I'm not. I am related to Lucy, after all! Nobody questions her authority or if she can handle the bizarre things that go on with that group, but they do mine! Uh, I wish I could show them that I can fit in fine with them! I would more than happily do that. Only I don't know how. And I don't want to do something wrong. Plus, they're awfully tightly knit. Oh well, I know Daphne will let me in!

Hey, I bet you might like to know how we became friends anyway! :) Tough luck, I'll tell you. Well awhile back when I dressed up as Luna Lue for Phoebe's musical costumes I really liked pretending to be somebody different and so Daphne and I talked about forming a "drama club" sort of thing. (Only we can't call it Drama Club for weird/obsessive personal reasons, so our group is the Periwinkle Sweaters.) That's basically it. I just love her, she's the nicest person ever!

Other than that, I love it here. Everybody is so nice! Except for Rebecca and Sonali, but that's another story all together. It's just amazing and I love everybody here!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me, Miss Maggie!

The Queen of Optimism {aka Maggie} <3

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sadly Sad Sadness :(

Hey everybody!
Now, before somebody freaks out, no one has died, I am not selling a doll, and I'm not leaving you. I just have sad news. BUT! I also have some awesomely awesome news for disappointed Picnik addicts (like myself).

I have found the Picnik replacement! Okay, well not really "found", it was listed on the Picnik home page, but still. It is called PicMonkey (click on that word). And, it has a lot of the same features as Picnik does! In fact, I like this one better so far! It has fewer kinds of fonts, but it's really awesome and very easy to use! I would highly recommend it so far!
I edited this cute little picture from a photo story I didn't get to finish on there(Lizzie fell over and totally freaked me out so I went inside):

I love this picture. Well, I hope you try out PicMonkey! It's really cool. :)

Now, for the sad news. Well because I love irony and PicMonkey is awesome, I have a very ironic way to present this to you.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! But yes, no new pictures on Love That Doll for a while. Let me tell you why:

Yesterday, my camera was plugged into the computer and I was going to take off the video clips for the show I was filming and edit the first episode. But, well I sort of knocked off the camera accidentally and that was before I took any pictures or video clips off. And now, well, to say it simply I can't plug it into my laptop or really any computer. So I won't be able to show you any new pictures for a while. (hopefully I will be able to eventually, though) The camera still works, just the thing you have to plug into the computer broke. So I'll still take pictures. You just won't be able to, like, see them.....

So yeah..... Well, I guess I can finally have more posts by dolls since I don't have any pictures to share! Haha, well thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Yay!! I love being tagged it makes me feel appreciated. :) Thank you so much, Jessie, for tagging moi!

This is a forty-four step tag--you tell eleven random things about yourself, answer eleven questions posed by the person who tagged you, make up eleven questions of your own and then tag eleven people to answer those questions!

So here are my eleven things:
1. Today I'm filming a short video based off of a story my best friend wrote. (it's really bizarre)
2. My all time favorite song that calms me down no matter what the situation is Captains and Cruise Ships by Owl City.
3. The Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld is my favorite EVER.
4. I'm wearing heels and kneeling on the floor and listening to He Is We.
5. I transposed my Fireflies music so that it would be in the proper key for my Clarinet. :D
6. Recently I updated my Webkinz account with my zebra named Darren. (I'm kimigirl6, friend me!)
7. My sheets are purple.
8. Last year my dolls decided that their orange juice would be "The Orange Juice of Klaine". And now it's sitting on top of my desk.
9. I really dislike American Girl's Chocolate Glasses. I've had two pairs break in less than six months.
10. I like to make cards for people that are really out there, and on the back of each one I put "A Johnny Rapps Greeting Card" or a drawing of popcorn.
11. Someday I want to have a Budgie named Queen Elizabeth and a dog named Determination.

1. What are your favorite colors? Be specific about shades.
Bright yellow and pale lilac. :) YAY FOR COMPLIMENTS!!
2. What are you wearing right now?
A gray, pink, and navy striped sweater (the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time), a black tank top, jeans, squirrel socks, various pieces of jewelry, and heels.
3. What type of camera do you have?
Canon PowerShot SX130IS I believe...
4. What do you smell right now?
Nothing :(
5. Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
I have two, Belle from when I was little-r and recently Tianna!
6. Do you like cheese?
7. Tell me what you think that 'squinkles' are. DON'T LOOK IT UP!
Ummm, sparkly confetti type things? :/
8. Pens or pencils?
Pencils for school work, pens for everything else.
9. Do you like glitter?
10. Do you set an alarm in the morning?
Yup, 6 o'clock.
11. How tall are you?
5' 6" I think.


1. What's your middle initial?
2. Who is your favorite singer or band?
3. Do you have any pets? If so, what kinds?
4. Who inspires you and why?
5. What is your favorite thing to do in your extra time?
6. Do you play an instrument (what kind) or sing?
7. Favorite book?
8. What is your dream job?
9. Are you persnickety about others grammar or could you not care less?
10. Pickles or cucumbers?
11. How are you today?

1. Miranda
2. Maddie
3.-11. Yeah I ran out of time..... EVERYONE DO THE TAG!!!!

Well thank you for reading this incredibly long, pictureless post! Thanks again, Jessie!


P.S. Do you like the new look? ;) oh yeah

Friday, April 13, 2012

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!! (once again!)

Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy! IT'S FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!! WHOA!!!  Did you have good luck today? My luck is about to get much better! Holy Musical B@man, by Team Starkid, is premiering on YouTube tonight!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! This is the best Friday 13th ever just because of Starkid and how totally awesome they are. :)

Well, as I usually do on Friday the 13th, I'm going to share some odd little facts with you! This time it is on Friday the 13th itself. I found them on this website. :)

1.  Contrary to our customs, in countries that speak Spanish and in Greece, Tuesday the 13th is unlucky instead! I'm glad that's not the case here... Glee night can't be unlucky! ;)
2. Part of the reason this day is unlucky is because it is believed that 13 seats at a table, like at the Last Supper, is unlucky. Twelve is an even, complete number such as the 12 apostles, 12 months, and 12 hours on a clock. Therefore, 13 is considered to be irregular and unlucky. I thought this was really cool!!!
3. 13 turns made the original noose. SCARY.
4. Friday is believed to be unlucky for a few reasons. One is the reference to this in The Canterbury Tales (a short story). Also, it is bad luck for a sailor to start a journey on a Friday. (I wonder why...) Lastly, Friday can also be considered unlucky because Jesus was crucified on Friday.
5. Friggatriskaidekaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th; I hope you don't have that! ;)
6. Lastly, up to 3 Friday the 13ths, but at least one, occur every year. This morning I heard on the news that this year there are 3, which all occur 13 weeks apart! FREAKY!!

Well, I hope you had a lucky day, enjoyed this post, and certainly hope you don't have friggatriskaidekaphobia! :)


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
I love Easter (and not just because I can eat pie again..... :P), it makes me happy and very thankful.
Elizabeth went outside to pose for some pictures for the occasion! (Lilianna would have helped only her glasses broke....again.)

I would have one say "Happy Easter" but I'm adjusting to life without Picnik. :)

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday and remember what this day is all about! :)


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kennie's Welcome Home

 It was a lovely day, and I was finally getting the chance to meet the girls I would be staying with. I had been here over a week by now, but the only girl I had met other than Phoebe was a red head that was called Dodo once. So, to say the least, I was really excited (and a little nervous) to meet the other girls!
 Taking a breath, I turned the corner into the room I would grow to love. When I entered I was greeted by quite the oddest thing I've ever seen. There was also a very high pitched squeaking noise emitting from something nearby.
 I was greeted by this: A group of girls surrounding each other as if in the middle of a fight while holding various objects. One girl had a pillow pet, one a rolling pin, and one some sort of paddle! What a way to be welcomed to Creekwater.
There also was a girl, later I found out she was Felicity, that was holding a bright green recorder. This must have been that squealing noise!
 "Hello?" I called quietly into the noisy room. Hardly anyone noticed my arrival at first.
But I was surprised to be faced first by a girl with short, curly blond hair. She waved her greetings and then came over and introduced herself.

"Hi I'm Lilianna! Welcome to Creekwater, I'm sorry for the poor behavior of the others... You'll get used to it," she said, quite quietly. She was very nice! I had already made a friend here! (sorry, this picture wouldn't cooperate)

While Lilianna was talking to me, a group of girls, led by a dark haired one with a feather, was making their way to me. They seemed really excited, especially the one in the back with the long hair.

 "Hi!" started the dark haired girl as Lilianna made herself invisible in the crowd, much to my dislike. "I'm Cammrie, this is Gwendolyn." She pointed to the red haired girl I'd met before. "And that's Jessica." The girl with the long hair excitedly waved at being introduced. Well, for first impressions Creekwater certainly is exciting!

 "SHE'S HERE GUYS!!!" shouted another pretty girl with red hair from the battle area, after that everyone lined all around the room so they could each meet me personally. Chaos erupted!

After this, Cammrie dragged me around to meet each girl individually. Some were quite interesting.
 One of my new friends, Lanie, started to go on about some show called Glee. Apparently the girls around here take this show very seriously... she was not the last one to mention it! Now I'm forced to endure one episode with several of the girls. :)
 Later on when I talked to Jessica again, she hug-attacked me when she found out I liked Owl City! These girls take their fandom very seriously!

Evey's Edits: Actually, it's called Fan Girling, McKenna. And yes. We do! Fan Girling is my main extracurricular activity!!!

Later I met a girl named Molly. She was very nice, and she had a beautiful hairstyle!
Phoebe's Edit: How to (hopefully) coming soon!

Later I finally got to meet Evelyne, who had already developed quite a reputation for herself. She wasn't to happy with this reputation and tried to defend herself. It was sweet.
After I had met everyone I snuck away, to their displeasure, and tried to find Lilianna again. Oh, I missed her! She was by far my favorite of the girls I'd met.

I quietly slid around the corner of the bed, looking for where she could have vanished off to.

I found her up on the hat box.
"Hi," I said. "I was wondering where you went. So far, you're probably my favorite of the girls."
"Thanks, McKenna," she answered softly. "I like you too."

I've already made some awesome friends here! Creekwater is great, and I can't wait to have more adventures with my new friends!

McKenna Brielle Brooks :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Dressed Up Doll

Hey everybody! Recently, I have had the pleasure of finding an awesome Etsy shop by Jessica, Elisabeth, and Abigail! They called their shop My Dressed Up Doll, and the clothes look gorgeous!

They sent me their story, of the Etsy and a bit of their life. :)

"We started our shop, My Dressed-Up Doll, last fall. We are three sisters from a family of 10, and we are all in our 20s. Since we travel full-time singing and ministering in churches across the country, we needed a small, part-time "traveling" job. Since those kind of jobs are far and few between, we decided to start our Etsy shop. We like to make "pretty" outfits, mostly dresses, for dolls; we have seen a lot of other styles but noticed that there was a lack of fancy, pretty clothing for dolls. We love choosing color combinations and creating new outfits including the perfect hair accessory or purse. We sew many other things too, including dresses for ourselves or other projects like purses, wall hangings, scarves, etc. Needless to say, we spend a lot of time at Joanns. We have one American Girl doll, Kirsten, and since she is a historical doll, she has the traditional hair that can be a pain to keep up :-) Here's a little more about us . . . we are from Toledo, OH, but since we travel all the time we are not there very often. We travel throughout the U.S. - from Maine to Florida to Tennessee to Arizona to everywhere in between :-) Dad is an evangelist and we all sing together - and play instruments. We all play piano, plus each of us play a couple more instruments including guitar, banjo, violin, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, and others. Our big bus is a huge attraction since it is the biggest one that has been made - it's 60 feet long and bends in the middle. Since there are 9 of us living in it (one daughter is married and a missionary to the Middle East), we knew we needed something big enough to be comfortable."

 Isn't that awesome??
 They have a lot of beautiful doll clothes in their shop. Each looks very nicely made. You know what's best about it, though?? (Okay, well of my constant window shopping/drooling over the pretty dresses the best thing I have observed.) They're pretty inexpensive! :) So many nice dresses are quite expensive but these are nicely made and fits within a budget quite well! (in fact I think I might be getting one for a certain project I will *hopefully* do)

But, just because they're so awesome, Abigail, Elisabeth, and Jessica have offered a ten percent discount when you buy from them! Just enter the code BLOG10OFF. (zero then the letter O)
Thanks for reading! Enjoy the browsing at My Dressed Up Doll. ;)


P.S. Sorry the pictures are arranged oddly, Blogger is being uncooperative. By the way, they all belong to My Dressed Up Doll and were used with permission. :)

P.P.S. Some of you may have noticed a similar post on other blogs, that is just a coincidence, I did not copy any of their ideas, the shop owners contacted me!