Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
I love Easter (and not just because I can eat pie again..... :P), it makes me happy and very thankful.
Elizabeth went outside to pose for some pictures for the occasion! (Lilianna would have helped only her glasses broke....again.)

I would have one say "Happy Easter" but I'm adjusting to life without Picnik. :)

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday and remember what this day is all about! :)



  1. Phoebe, i am soooo sorry i used ur pictures. i didn't take it from ur blog. this is what really happened. i went to my friends house with chrissa my doll and went to play with her and her dolls. chrissa actually did play with Sonali, but i just wanted another picture to back it up and make the post seem less boring. i found the sonali pic on the stairs on google, not knowing it was yours.i am sooo sorry please forgive me.

    1. Oh, that's fine! I'm sorry if I over reacted. :) I forgive you, but I would still like you to site my blog somewhere for it!

  2. Hello! Your doll is beautiful! I've nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award! Click my name for more details.


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