Sunday, April 22, 2012


We have solved the problem. And now I can bring you photos once more. So here's some random stuff I took recently:
Pretty Julie

 Feet. Need I say more?

 Danelia's guitar.

DAPHEY! <3 (oh and my kitchen)

 Chrissa's pretty dress. I love this picture. :)

I'm very happy about this. Now the trailer for my series is up! I'M SO EXCITED!!! I hope you all like it! It was written by my friend Christine and I edited it slightly for content.... some of it was not internet-friendly. ;) But it's awesome. You should go watch the trailer. 
I will love you if you give me feedback! <3 (okay, I'll love you anyway, but this will add to the love) So go HERE! to watch it. :)

Oh, and happy Earth Day! I'm picture-happy today so here's something on theme for once!

That last thing I just totally made up. :)
Well, have a nice day! I hope you enjoyed my random post!



  1. So pretty! I'm glad we get more of your AWESOME pics. LUV the dress shot. :) Also, do you like Taylor Swift??

    1. Thank you! And I LOVE Taylor Swift. :)

  2. Oh, and the series looks so cool!

  3. Wait, Mr. Cloud and his new scarf? Is that the little story we read at your house in December... ? :o (goes to watch video)


  4. I've never seen that doll guitar before...
    Good pictures.


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