Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kennie's Welcome Home

 It was a lovely day, and I was finally getting the chance to meet the girls I would be staying with. I had been here over a week by now, but the only girl I had met other than Phoebe was a red head that was called Dodo once. So, to say the least, I was really excited (and a little nervous) to meet the other girls!
 Taking a breath, I turned the corner into the room I would grow to love. When I entered I was greeted by quite the oddest thing I've ever seen. There was also a very high pitched squeaking noise emitting from something nearby.
 I was greeted by this: A group of girls surrounding each other as if in the middle of a fight while holding various objects. One girl had a pillow pet, one a rolling pin, and one some sort of paddle! What a way to be welcomed to Creekwater.
There also was a girl, later I found out she was Felicity, that was holding a bright green recorder. This must have been that squealing noise!
 "Hello?" I called quietly into the noisy room. Hardly anyone noticed my arrival at first.
But I was surprised to be faced first by a girl with short, curly blond hair. She waved her greetings and then came over and introduced herself.

"Hi I'm Lilianna! Welcome to Creekwater, I'm sorry for the poor behavior of the others... You'll get used to it," she said, quite quietly. She was very nice! I had already made a friend here! (sorry, this picture wouldn't cooperate)

While Lilianna was talking to me, a group of girls, led by a dark haired one with a feather, was making their way to me. They seemed really excited, especially the one in the back with the long hair.

 "Hi!" started the dark haired girl as Lilianna made herself invisible in the crowd, much to my dislike. "I'm Cammrie, this is Gwendolyn." She pointed to the red haired girl I'd met before. "And that's Jessica." The girl with the long hair excitedly waved at being introduced. Well, for first impressions Creekwater certainly is exciting!

 "SHE'S HERE GUYS!!!" shouted another pretty girl with red hair from the battle area, after that everyone lined all around the room so they could each meet me personally. Chaos erupted!

After this, Cammrie dragged me around to meet each girl individually. Some were quite interesting.
 One of my new friends, Lanie, started to go on about some show called Glee. Apparently the girls around here take this show very seriously... she was not the last one to mention it! Now I'm forced to endure one episode with several of the girls. :)
 Later on when I talked to Jessica again, she hug-attacked me when she found out I liked Owl City! These girls take their fandom very seriously!

Evey's Edits: Actually, it's called Fan Girling, McKenna. And yes. We do! Fan Girling is my main extracurricular activity!!!

Later I met a girl named Molly. She was very nice, and she had a beautiful hairstyle!
Phoebe's Edit: How to (hopefully) coming soon!

Later I finally got to meet Evelyne, who had already developed quite a reputation for herself. She wasn't to happy with this reputation and tried to defend herself. It was sweet.
After I had met everyone I snuck away, to their displeasure, and tried to find Lilianna again. Oh, I missed her! She was by far my favorite of the girls I'd met.

I quietly slid around the corner of the bed, looking for where she could have vanished off to.

I found her up on the hat box.
"Hi," I said. "I was wondering where you went. So far, you're probably my favorite of the girls."
"Thanks, McKenna," she answered softly. "I like you too."

I've already made some awesome friends here! Creekwater is great, and I can't wait to have more adventures with my new friends!

McKenna Brielle Brooks :)


  1. Aww, that was so sweet!! Your McKenna is beautiful! It looks like she has some great new friends too! ;)

    Can't wait to see more pictures!

    Hope you have a Happy Easter!


  2. Looks like she is going to settle in and have a great time in her new home .. it is good that she has found a friend so far already and they seem to get along ..


  3. Aww! I can't wait to see something of Lilianna and McKenna again! :D It seems like they'll be great friends.



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