Sunday, April 29, 2012

McKenna's Practice Wardrobe!

Hey! It's been a while... hehe....
Anyway, yesterday my final piece of McKenna's Starter Collection came!! WE HAVE NOTHING ON BACK ORDER ANYMORE!!!
It's gorgeous. I love it. So Kennie and I went outside for some pictures! The t-shirt isn't pictured, though.
I know nothing about gymnastics, so I apologize in advance if this pose is totally logic-missing. :)

Everything is very nice! The leotard is nicely made and GORGEOUS!! The colors look so pretty on McKenna! The shorts are fuzzy and nice and I think they look pretty accurate for modern styles. The hair accessories are awesome! It has blue and purple hairbands, two of each, and a really cool headband, which I love. And for the foot brace, again, I don't know anything about this stuff, but it was a little tight to get on and now she won't stand up evenly. -_- But otherwise it is nicely done.
Oh, and the sweater. It has Velcro in the back and is, well, only the most adorable thing ever. :)
The shirt is not pictured and I haven't put it on anybody yet but it also looks adorable and nicely made!

Well, for what I have seen, AG has done a very nice job with McKenna's collection. It's higher quality than I expected from them based on recent opinions. All of her collection (well, okay the three outfits that I have) are highly recommended by me! As well as the doll. If you were considering her, I would highly recommend this one! SHE'S BEAUTIFUL, DARLING! 

That's it for my McKenna rants of the day! :) I love my darling Kennie girl.

Have a delightful day!

P.S. Miranda and I have state testing this week. ICK! :(


  1. Cute! I really want that oufit:)

  2. Gosh, I have testing too (on English and math)! I also bought McKenna's Starter Set this past weekend, how weird!


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