Friday, April 20, 2012

The Queen of Optimism

{Okay, so everybody I thought of this weird/awesome idea to just have dolls write about themselves and stuff they do and all that. Well, I really just felt like writing today! But, anyway, I may not do very many but today we have Maggie.}

Hai!!! Well, the name is Maggie. Maggie Loren Belladona, actually. I'm not really sure how to do this, I've never written like I expect people to read it before. Never even kept a diary. Writing isn't my thing. Actually, there are several things that I prefer to that. :D Why don't I start with those??
Okay, so here's your Maggie-trivia for the day. Take notes, there might be a test! ;)
  • My birthday, as well as that of my twin sister Lucy, is July 17 and I am 13 years old.
  • My favorite color? PINK! I love pink. WITH A PASSION!!! I even have pink glasses and right now I'm wearing a pink tutu-thing with ice skates.
  • Speaking of ice skates... I'm a figure skater! Or have been. It's hard to keep up with it around here, as are most things.
  • My ears are pierced, and my favorite earrings are the green ones with Sugar the dog on them. :)
  • As most girls here, I love Glee! Unlike the others, though, I don't favor Blaine and the Warblers but Rachel and Finn. I LOVE FINCHEL!!! <3
  • Pretending (from Nationals in Glee season 2) is my favorite song! As well as various others... that's just one of my favorites.
  • I only wear mini skirts! My sissy and I never wear actual pants. EVER!
So that's the gist of Maggie Belladona! As I said, I'm kind of a figure skater. Only it's really hard to keep up with that due to the facts that we have no wear that resembles a rink and Phoebe knows basically next to nothing about this! Ha ha, she knows what she knows from a DS game and Mia's PC game. :) But recently Mia, who also used to skate, were all like "WHOA!!! WE SHOULD DO A SKATE ROUTINE TOGETHER!!!!" So that was really fun to play with! Mia's really nice when she wants to be. We have a lot in common, too. Only she's more subdued and not quite as optimistic as I am. :) I'm the Queen of Optimism!

On another note of my life here in Creekwater, I've been trying to be inducted into Daphne's social group! She's so nice to me and I love her! I really want her to let me join but I think that they all underestimate me. They don't think I can handle the insanity that goes on for some reason. I guess they think that since I'm so cheerful that I'm fragile or whatever I couldn't handle it. But I'm not. I am related to Lucy, after all! Nobody questions her authority or if she can handle the bizarre things that go on with that group, but they do mine! Uh, I wish I could show them that I can fit in fine with them! I would more than happily do that. Only I don't know how. And I don't want to do something wrong. Plus, they're awfully tightly knit. Oh well, I know Daphne will let me in!

Hey, I bet you might like to know how we became friends anyway! :) Tough luck, I'll tell you. Well awhile back when I dressed up as Luna Lue for Phoebe's musical costumes I really liked pretending to be somebody different and so Daphne and I talked about forming a "drama club" sort of thing. (Only we can't call it Drama Club for weird/obsessive personal reasons, so our group is the Periwinkle Sweaters.) That's basically it. I just love her, she's the nicest person ever!

Other than that, I love it here. Everybody is so nice! Except for Rebecca and Sonali, but that's another story all together. It's just amazing and I love everybody here!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me, Miss Maggie!

The Queen of Optimism {aka Maggie} <3


  1. Oh wow! I'm glad you're fitting in well at Creekwater! You just came here last December, right? :D It seems like you've made lots of new friends so far; and I'm sure Rebecca and Sonali will come around! ;)

    ~Lily Tazo :3

  2. Maggie is funny. It was fun learning about the optimism queen! lolol


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