Monday, April 16, 2012

Sadly Sad Sadness :(

Hey everybody!
Now, before somebody freaks out, no one has died, I am not selling a doll, and I'm not leaving you. I just have sad news. BUT! I also have some awesomely awesome news for disappointed Picnik addicts (like myself).

I have found the Picnik replacement! Okay, well not really "found", it was listed on the Picnik home page, but still. It is called PicMonkey (click on that word). And, it has a lot of the same features as Picnik does! In fact, I like this one better so far! It has fewer kinds of fonts, but it's really awesome and very easy to use! I would highly recommend it so far!
I edited this cute little picture from a photo story I didn't get to finish on there(Lizzie fell over and totally freaked me out so I went inside):

I love this picture. Well, I hope you try out PicMonkey! It's really cool. :)

Now, for the sad news. Well because I love irony and PicMonkey is awesome, I have a very ironic way to present this to you.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! But yes, no new pictures on Love That Doll for a while. Let me tell you why:

Yesterday, my camera was plugged into the computer and I was going to take off the video clips for the show I was filming and edit the first episode. But, well I sort of knocked off the camera accidentally and that was before I took any pictures or video clips off. And now, well, to say it simply I can't plug it into my laptop or really any computer. So I won't be able to show you any new pictures for a while. (hopefully I will be able to eventually, though) The camera still works, just the thing you have to plug into the computer broke. So I'll still take pictures. You just won't be able to, like, see them.....

So yeah..... Well, I guess I can finally have more posts by dolls since I don't have any pictures to share! Haha, well thanks for reading!


  1. I'm so heartbroken that Picnik closed!! I still wonder why...
    Anyway, that camera dealy-o really stinks! I remember once I left my camera on top of the computer tower, the tower heated up, and needless to say my camera almost melted and was broken. For good. :( So, for a awhile I was tortured with all these great moments that could not be captured of camera. It. Was. Pure. Pain. But, everything worked out eventually, and I hope you get the hookup for your camera situation worked out!

    Emma (S.)

  2. Well, to solve your camera problem(which, I'm sorry, Phoebe. :( I'll miss your pictures!) if your camera has an SD card, you can put that in your computer! ;P

    BUT YAY!!! I'm glad there's another photo editing site that replaces Picnik! I rarely used Picnik, but PicMonkey should be pretty awesome for those rare occasions. :D



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