Sunday, April 1, 2012

Save The Horses

Hey everyone, this is a very important issue and I think you should hear about it. It's for Horses (Hippos Orphaned by Really Scary Evil Sponges). This is a very important thing to me, the Horses are in great need.  The Horses are faced by many challenges to overcome in their native homeland, Loranguhana.

Unfortunately, the Horses don't have a website foundation, or I would send you there but this is a very unknown of cause. (I heard it from a girl named Lea...) SO to spread the word and stand in support to fight for these Horses faced by such horrid conditions is Loranguhana, I greatly encourage you to put this button on the side of your blog, to let EVERYONE know about the struggles faced by these amazing creatures.
Thank you for your support, the Horses will greatly appreciate this! I admire each of you that helps with this!

Have a nice day!

Oh and..... April Fools. :)

Hehehe! That was lame, I know. :) But, seriously, put the button up! ;) Also, I would love it if you could comment and say if you fell for it, even just a little at the very beginning.

Happy April Fools Day! I hope you have a beautiful month of April. <3


  1. LoveAgandpuppiesApril 1, 2012 at 5:39 PM

    O my gosh I fell for it! I was like " the name doesn't make sense but OK." I then I thought "to bad I don't have a blog to help!" Good one! O and Firsty!

  2. lolololol i was just cofused at first

  3. At first, I was like, "Horses are in need of saving? Since WHEN?!" But then I read the "Hippos orphaned by really scary evil sponges" part, and then I knew it was all a joke! xP But, I wouldn't really say I fell for it at all(aside from being baffled by the title), because I've known you for sooo looonnnggg, so I'm used to things like this! :D

    Save the horses!!!


  4. i totally fell for it!... to the point i almost called my mom because her favorite animals are hippos. hey you never know, sponges do seem a little evil lol :)


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