Friday, May 4, 2012

Moment of the Day: Day 16 1/2

(wow almost a year since I did this....)

So it's "16 1/2" because I have two pictures today!

Alright so here's the first one (aka 16). This is a shot from this video I tried to make a while back of Ours by Taylor Swift, but I never could finish editing. And some of the indoor pictures didn't turn out very well at ALL! This is one of the better ones, and I really like how Gwen (purple) and Emily (green) were holding the heart. In this, if you're familiar with the song it would help more, Gwen was the girl and Emily was the boy that she was in love with and all that. Of course I did pull her hair back for that! But, even if I never did post this, I like this picture and think it turned out nicely! What do you think?:)

Haha, right after I finished writing this shuffle played Ours. :)
And here's the "1/2". This is "1/2" because it has absolutely nothing to do with dolls! I just wanted to show you this because I drew something that wasn't really horrible! This is something I drew this afternoon of the Pink Panther over a book and thinking the words "Why am I failing English??". This is because my friend and I have this weird thing called Illiterate Panther (hence failing English) and I  drew this for her because Illiterate Panther exists again! Haha, I bet this makes absolutely no sense!

Peace Out,


  1. I never did get the illiterate panther thing... And I think you've even tried to explain it to me before! XD Well, anyway, I really like the picture you drew of it! :D And the photograph you had was really cute, too. ;)


  2. Ooh, I LOVE T. Swift!! The video looks good, I hope you share. :) And your drawing is really good!! I'm failing English in MY book, as in all my other subjects I have and "A" and in English I have a "B". It's a nerd thing. A "B" is the end of the world... :) :)

    Love Love Love
    Emma <3


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