Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dude, AG released new stuff! (part dos)

More rambling! Woot woot! :D

First, just first:
I seriously love American Girl so much for this. I don't even know what to write, this is just so sweet and honestly unexpected from AG but this is so awesome. Just so freaking awesome. :') I love whoever thought of this and whoever was a part of the making of these dolls. It's so wonderful that AG is doing this! ~loss of words for how sweet and incredibly kind and thoughtful and what a lovely example this is~ *tears of joy*

Alright... so anyway... I take back most of the awful stuff I have ever said about American Girl. Except for the Felicity stuff. I miss my fancy dresses.

So I realized I missed an outfit.
 The Weekend Fun Outfit! Until I published that post I didn't even realize this existed. But I so totally love this. It's on the list. Fo' sure. I love the vest. I just love doll vests in general and that shirt is gorgeous.

Now, the obvious one. Julie's car. It's pretty awesome. I like the color and the style. (I love these cars and actually kind of want one even though I don't want to actually drive.) But.... this isn't even in her book. I checked. They made kites instead. Accuracy with the story really bothers me with their Julie line. That former basketball outfit of hers was not at all what it was supposed to be. Plus, the dolls aren't technically old enough to drive anyway. Whatever. It's still awesome. Even though it wasn't in the books.

I'm not going to talk about the new hair kit or the packed lunch. Kind of boring to me.

I love Meatloaf so much! He's so adorable!!! :D I want this dog. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! He's now one of my Llour Moms. That's some sort of celebrity/fictional character that you "like"(such as Darren Criss).
The Service Dog Set is so nice. :) It's super cute and I really like this one. Only, according my buddy Chocolate Chip is now only available as a service dog. Which is kind of weird. Why not just sell them seperately?
*trumpets clarinets*
Licorice!! I'm so glad she's back! She isn't as cute as the original (I have that one.) but I'm so glad she's back! It was a sad, sad day when Licorice was retired. :) YAY AG!!!

Now onto those shoes.....
The Striped Sneakers are pretty cool. :) I actually like these, they kind of resemble a very popular style of shoe now, which is wonderful for AG and I applaud them. Plus I like purple.
And these.... *drools* These I like. These I want. These are so totally awesome. The Fashion Boots are amazing... I love boots for dolls already and these are modern! And black!!! :D

Well that's it. I'm very excited about the new AG releases. :) From last post's comments I can tell that everyone else is really excited about it too!

Oh... and... so you know how my blogoversary is sort of July 7th? None of you would remember, but I would really love it if I could get to 95 followers by then! I hate to ask... but this would mean so much to me. :) I'm not just saying this to get followers, but you guys are so awesome and I love each and every one of you! Whenever I see that I have a comment I get so happy. <3 Thank you so much!

Also I just made a photo story this afternoon. That has a dramatic ending. Oh yeah. You'll want to keep up with this next little serries I'm doing.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dude, AG released new stuff! :D (part uno)

So now let's right about literally every single item they have for the 18" line! :)
Just a warning: long, rambling, probably boring, post ahead.

Alright, so I just went to AG's site and spazzed a tad. Especially over the new doll and meet outfit for MAGs. I love this doll! She's so cute! And she kind of looks just like a character from this show called Fringe that my parents and I watch. ;)

I decided to post pictures this time. :) So here she is, in a new meet outfit, that is adorable. I love the boots and the rest of it, too! Of course, I betting that many people won't because of the undeniable pink factor. But I like pink. So no complaints from this area. :)

(If you were wondering this is the person I was talking about. See the resemblence? :D)

Now onto clothing! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
First of all, everything is completely adorable. But, there are some specific things I want to talk about. Either from crazed-fan-girl-OMJ-this-is-so-cute perspective or "Seriously, what the heck AG??" perspective. :)

Well, McKenna's stuff is really cute, but $24 for this seems a little over the top. Even for AG. All you get for this is a pair of cheap looking shoes, a jacket with her name on it, and a medal! $24 is kind of ridiculous... but it's still cute. I actually hate to admit it, but that jacket with her name on it is really cool. Basically the same ranting applies for her Performance Set. Except there's nothing that really drew me in for this one.


 Okay, so I absolutely love Julie's new outfit. I have nothing bad to say about this. I just love it. So much that it hurts how much I love this. Hey... this would look really good on the new MAG, wouldn't it? ;)
But what about the new Ivy outfit?? Well, it's okay. Nothing special in my opinion. I don't really like that kind of fabric and it looks kind of hard to put on. I have a red pair of those flip flops and they're not very good, one broke. On the bright side, though, at least Ivy isn't ignored anymore. :) YAY!
Now, Julie's Swim Set. First of all this isn't exactly "new". I have this swimsuit. Only when I got it, it came with a pair of red shorts and a little jacket that Lucy wore for memorial day. And I'm pretty sure that the price was the same. Really, AG? What were you thinking? Didn't you realize that there would be people that catch this? *sigh* Whoever thought of reselling this needs some sense put into them. No ofense of course, but this just amazes me.

MAG land now, bro! ~oh yeah~
The two new dresses, Sweet Savannah and Butterfly Twist, are just adorable. I love them both! The Savannah dress seems just a tad bit more classy than what you would expect now from AG, so I really like it (as well as the model for the stock photo :3). The Butterfly Twist is really pretty too, but $30 seems like a lot.... but I love those boots. A lot.

What about Pjs and the robe? Adorable, bro. But why would you wear long sleeves in the summer? I wear long pants but the longer sleeves with the longer pants seems a little too warm if they were going for a summer outfit. But who knows? They might not have been! And the robe? $24. I think that's everything I need to say.
This is getting long, but I'm going to finish outfits and then do accessories in another post. ;)
The "Feeling Great" outfit is just sort of a standard outfit... it doesn't really catch my eye. Mainly because I don't like for me to dress like this or for my dolls to dress like this. It's cute, but nothing special. (Why did AG put those quotations there, though? Maybe she isn't really "feeling great". hehehe)
New Volleyball Outfit??? That's the one thing we did in gym that I almost liked! Other than bowling. But of course I can't do either. I like this for one reason. It's red. Not pink. But red. I think I can stop at that.
Okay, three more.

The skate outfit. I need this. For me to continue existing, I have to have this outfit. I have wanted AG skates since forever. AND THESE ARE SO CUTE THAT I MUST OWN THEM. *drools*  I don't even care that it's over priced! I must own this outfit! Plus, the colors are so adorable.
And then we have the Spooky Fun outfit. When I first saw this I litterly flailed and squeeled with delight. I love this skirt. And just the rest of it. But then I took a closer look at the shoes. Which are cheap plastic. And you want $30 for this? Please! That's ridiculous! Tsk tsk tsk.....


The Bitty Pea Pod outfit... Would you hate me if I said that I absolutely love this? :) It's so adorable!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading through all of my odd opinions! :) The accessories will come later, but there's one that I'm really happy about. And no, it's not the car.
I would love it if you could post what you think on the new AG stuff!! :D

Peace Out,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Last Straw

"You know," Maggie began one sort of gloomy Sunday afternoon. "I heard that Kit was talking about how that we don't have a voice anymore."
"That sounds just like typical Kit. Over reacting about everything," added Lanie, who never took anything very seriously.
"Well, that's just the trade off for having as many people as we do," Daphne said. "I'm glad we have everybody but the whole personal opinion thing is kind of out of hand. Nobody really gets a say anymore."

"Hypocrite," said Gwen, standing behind Daphne."You're one of the few that actually gets a voice. But I honestly think there's nothing wrong with it. As long as I still get pretty clothes I don't care."

"Yeah," continued Alyssa. "If we let them get too much of a say then everyone will get all self centered. But our society was so much better when there were only, like, eleven of us."
"Really? Well I'm glad to know you care, Alyssa. More than half of us wouldn't be here if we had a smaller population. Having a limited voice is simply a trade off for things like this!"

"Why are we even talking about this?" shouted Rebecca. "Things are the way they are! Aside from the fact I'm not in the spotlight very often I don't see what's wrong with our town."
"Right on Ramona!!" shouted Lanie, with some absurd reference that would take much too long to explain.

"I don't even think that's our biggest problem," Elizabeth said quietly from the corner of the countertop. "Most of this could be blamed on the insane influence from outside."
"Elizabeth is right!" agreed Emily, in a ridiculous costume for something I never did. "Without of this addition of all this pop culture we wouldn't have half the problems we do."

"Exactly, Emily! Without this stupid Glee then none of this would be a problem!"

"That's a dangerous line to cross, Sonali!" Daphne pointed straight at the other girl.

THE END!! I have one more of these, but I don't think I'll post that cause I'm behind already. :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Days 14-20

Eeeek, I'm unusually behind! EVEN FOR ME!!  Anyway....

Day 14: A photo focusing on eyes
I had trouble with this one, but I like how this looks. :) It's Maggie's glasses on Felicity.

Day 15: A photo of  whatever you please

This is my dolls' glee club, The Chickadees, consisting of Gwendolyn, Mia, Daphne, Sonali, Rebecca, Gwen, Marisol, Lanie, and Alyssa. The back porch was the best location but this part of my house has really bad lighting for dolls, it always puts shadows on their faces. :( So my mom moved the umbrella to help with this set up. :)

Day 16: A photo experimenting with light trails
Light trails are pictures that are supposed to be of a long exposure time of a moving light, like car headlights. I never had a good chance to make one of these because I don't live near an area where I could easily take a picture with a car and I was at a friend's party that night anyway, so this is what I got. It's kind of really, really, really lame, but whatever. I know what light trails are now. :)

Day 17: A photo of a street light

Voila. I had trouble with this too. I've basically had trouble in general recently photography wise...

Day 18: A photo depicting an emotion
This was loosely inspired by Alice In Wonderland and I was trying to depict confusion. I think it's okay.

Day 19: A photo that involves landscape
This was hard. because the only landscape I have to make pictures of is my neighborhood. He he he... So we have le dandelion with le landscape in the back. Whatever... I'm tired and these photos aren't very good. -_-

Day 20: A photo of whatever you please
McKenna's emo hair/she was playing dress up with Nicole. And it was kind of funny, because personality wise McKenna and Nicole should have been opposite characters. He he he.... I really like her hair. And the ribbon on her neck is named Super Fly.

Well, this was a weird post. Sorry about that, I'm really tired and confused.

Peace Out,

Saturday, June 23, 2012

How do you get blue?

 "But see, green is made from yellow and blue, right?" said Christina, sitting in the pool in the middle of the newly refurbished habitat one lovely afternoon.
"Right," added Kit, who was sitting nearby in a rocking chair.
"So then how did we get blue? I don't get it!"
"How did we get to talking about this, anyway?" asked Kit, perplexed by their train of thought.
"I'm not really sure," answered Christina.

"Hey guys!" said Lucy, walking into the habitat. "The new habitat looks great! You guys really did a nice job!"
"Thank you, Lucy! Glad you like it!" Christina thanked the current mayor of the town in her usual cheerful disposition.
"Yeah, thanks. Only we didn't really get to do anything. Lanie took control over everything as usual," sighed Kit as Lucy took a seat next to the pool.
 "What do you mean by that Kit?" questioned Lucy, sitting quite relaxed.
"I mean that no one has any say anymore! It's all about a certain group, and the rest of us have no opinion!"
"Things are just so much more complicated now, and no one can say anything! We hardly get a voice on the clothes we wear! Let alone something important like being able to be in videos or photos or anything! Everything is limited to certain dolls, Christina and I included. No one can say anything anymore."

 "I don't think it's that bad, Kit. We're very lucky and we shouldn't be complaining about things like that!" countered Christina, hoping to get her friend to stop this insane rant.
"Sure, Christina. I'll admit that we are quite fortunate but what's it worth if we don't have a voice to support it? If you ask me, things were a lot better when there were fewer dolls," continued Kit, standing up with her building frustration.

"But Kit, having a larger population has its benefits, too!" shouted Christina, being touchy on the subject.
"Oh yeah, like what? Being stuck in the same outfit for several weeks? Or what about the silence we're facing, hm?"

"Well, Kit, if we didn't have a larger population then we never would have gotten people like Lucy! Or even Nicole! Now wouldn't that be awful?" continued on Christina, now upset by what Kit was trying to make her believe.

"Yeah," added in Lucy. "And I never would have gotten Maggie!"

"Whatever," said Kit, walking away. "I still think things were better when there fewer of us."

The End (for now....)
The suspense is killing you, isn't it?
Well, here's the next episode of Mr. Cloud. CLICK THESE WORDS PEOPLE!! :D


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Try Harder

(This was a while ago... I just need to catch up...)

"Hey Cammrie," Mia said one day as she walked into the bathroom and found Cammrie over the mirror. "It's been a while, huh?"

"It sure has!" answered Cammrie. "I bet that most people would hardly believe if we told them we were best friends once."
"Yeah," responded Mia as she casually lounged on the bathtub by her side. "Now we rarely even talk. I used to be one of the favorites and now the only thing that ever goes on is about Daphne and Lanie and Felicity. Everyone else is just ignored."

"I know!" Cammrie just about shouted in response, getting really worked up about this. "No one ever gets to hear what we want to say! We're just ignored! No one cares about me, or Jessica, or Nicole! We've been basically abandoned."
"Well, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but I completely agree. Things have gotten worse," answered Mia, trying to prevent Cammrie from getting too wound up.
"See what I mean?"

"The only thing is," Mia continued on. "There's really no way for us to fix it."

"There's always a way, Mia," spoke Cammrie as she began to walk away. "You just have to try harder."

~the end~


I got stuff put in my mouth today for braces and it feels really weird.... not in a good way either.