Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 7: A silhouette photo

For today's photo, you had to make a silhouette. Well, I really didn't know what that meant. When I heard "silhouette" I immediately thought of Swimming With Dolphins' song called Silhouettes. So, today I did just a little bit of research. As much as I'm going to do in the summer, anyway.
First I went to Dictionary.com which said:
1. a two-dimensional representation of the outline of an object, as a cutout or configurational drawing, uniformly filled in with black, especially a black-paper, miniature cutout of the outlines of a famous person's face.
2. the outline or general shape of something: the slim silhouette of a skyscraper.
3. a dark image outlined against a lighter background.

This kind of gives you the idea of what it is you are trying to achieve. But wait, how? So then I went to About Photography and found this lovely article (click on those words if you're interested) about how to achieve a silhouette!!!! And then I came up with several pictures, but this is my favorite.
She isn't completely darkened, but there is a noticeable difference and for the first time I have intentionally done this, I'm pretty happy with it.

As I mentioned earlier, this reminded me of a song. So I couldn't refrain from doing this!

Now wait, who is that lovely doll that is silhouetted? Well, that is a BFC Pen Pals doll! She's Britt from England. Cheesy, right? That's why I think I'm going to call her Bridget instead. :)
So when she came out of the box she had this weird stiff sticky stuff in her hair like they put on some Barbie and Ken dolls. It was weird.
Here she is right out of the box. :)

The icky stuff in her hair. :(

So, to get this stuff out I first just tried the water and wig brush thing, that worked some but not enough. Then I put a little bit of fabric softener and much more water into another spray bottle. (Not my usual one because then I'd get fabric softener on dolls that I don't want it on.) This helped a lot with a lot of brushing and picking. But, there are still some little white things in her hair from "the stuff" but her hair is much softer and prettier.
TA DA!!! She's wearing an AG dress with a belt so it will fit her better. She's super duper pretty! And, if you noticed, she is wearing earrings! She came with pierced ears but no earrings. But luckily the AG brand earrings I already have fit her quite well. :3

The hair looks much better! She's also wearing the headband from the blue and silver holiday outfit from last year (I can't remember the name...). Because it's shorter than the previous headbands it fits her head perfectly! :D

I was thinking about doing something "different" with this doll. I'm not sure what exactly or how I will execute this, but I'm going to have big plans for Miss Bridget Last-name-is-currently-undecided!

Peace Out folks,

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  1. I love your new doll, Phoebe! That's actually the same BFC doll that I had my eyes on... ;) I like how you renamed her Bridget! :D (Woot, small sentences that don't really flow well together! XD)



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