Monday, June 18, 2012

Days 11-13

Ha ha ha ha.... anyway.....

Day 11: A black and white photo
I love black and white photos. :D
This is my dog laying on the kitchen floor. Today is her birthday, she turned eleven. :) My old poodle....

Day 12: A photo experimenting with bokeh
Okay, first, what is bokeh? WELLL, it's when a specific part of the photo is strategically out of focus to be visually pleasing. I think that this was my best example, with the most obvious difference when McKenna's hair wasn't being difficult.
But how do you do this??
I used some "fancy" (it's not really that fancy, it's just under the manual settings in my camera) settings! First of all, in order to get the shallow depth of field, or get the background or foreground to be out of focus, you have to set the aperture to a really small number, which is a large opening. (Weird, right?) That gives you bokeh! But then your pictures will be really bright! Ewwww.... So you have to set the shutter speed to a small number or time. That is how long it takes to make the picture, which if you were using film (I've never actually used film, I just think it's easier to explain this way.) this would be how long the photo is exposed to the light. So, if you have a long shutter speed your pictures will be really bright. But if you have a short one then they will be really dark. But, because I set the aperture so wide (small number) I used the fast shutter speed which would usually make it dark, but in this case it will be a normal amount of light due to the large opening which lets a lot of light in and creates a nice balance!
Sorry for rambling.... ;)

Day 13: A photo edit you like
I wasn't sure what this meant, but I think it's something edited that you like! So this is a picture of Cammrie's hand that I edited on PicMonkey. It also has Owl City lyrics on the upper section (Butterfly Wings). I really like this, I think it's pretty. :)

Welp, thank you for looking!!! :D


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  1. I love your photos, Phoebe! I think I'll start doing this, but it'll be super hard for day one considering I'm not really allowed to have my picture on the internet... (._. ) But oh well! I'll figure something out. (^_^;)"



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