Monday, June 11, 2012

Days 4-6

Hai guys! :D
So here are the last three daily photos:

Day 4: A photo from a high angle.

I have a couple I thought were okay. :P I stood on a chair forboth of these so that is *technically* a high angle.

Day 5: A photo of whatever you please
My dog, Kimi. :) I made a lot of pictures of Kimi but this is my favorite.

Day 6 (aw yeah, that's today):  A photo from a low angle
Today it was really cloudy so they turned out kind of grainy, but this is the best one from today! It's my dresser. :3

I'm going to start doing this for my 30 day challenge, because I have other stuff I need to post about! :D

Peace Out folks,


  1. phobe, is ur birthday july 27? are u a Leo cause i am too!!!! btw i luv this post and the dolls on ur dresser!!

    1. My birthday is in December, actually! (The same as Evey's.) But happy-some-what-close birthday! Haha :) And thank you!


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