Friday, June 15, 2012

Days 8-10 (with a weird story)

Day 8: A photo of something close up
This is a flower petal on the back porch! :D

Day 9: A photo of something from a distance
This is, in fact,from a distance. Because there is a cat on my roof. Yup. A cat. His/Her name is Ed. It's a stray that we feed and basically lives on our porch now, and for a little bit on the roof yesterday! :P

Day 10: A photo of whatever you please

So this is a scene I set up with my dolls this morning. Everyone is supposed to be dressed nicely in dresses, except for Marisol. Who is pointing at a chair with an index card taped to it.
Okay, now is the somewhat long (and very odd) explanation for what this photo means. If you would like to read this, I will love you forever! :)
Alright, this is an interpretation of something that happened at our school's academic awards. The chairs that we sat in had a little index card taped to it with our name and what we won on it. (I got a gold for 4.0 and a department award in Language Arts. :3) Also, all of the girls were dressed up pretty nicely, wearing dresses and skirts and such. Except for my best friend, the one who wrote Mr. Cloud. She was wearing jean shorts and a cardigan. Very under dressed. So then, while we were all sitting down, this one kid that I don't like for reasons I choose not to disclose asked if we were supposed to take the index card up with us when we walk across the stage and I said yes. But then I said "What if instead of carrying up just the index card someone carried the whole chair with them?" as a joke. (but I was kind of laughing the entire time I tried to say that) And so my best friend said something like "Hey carry that chair with you so I don't look so under dressed!". This is now one of my favorite sentences ever. So I took this picture to represent it. :)

Thank you if you read all of that! Here's a virtual cookie:

Peace Out folks,

P.s. This is my 250th post, bro! Whoa! Thank you guys for being awesome like you are! <3


  1. Yay! I got a virtual cookie. Why was she underdressed? (you son't have to say but I'm curious)

    1. She was wearing jean shorts while everyone else was wearing a dress. :)

  2. You are an awesome photographer! :D I hope I can someday be as good as a photographer as you. Hehe that's funny. :) Congrats on 250 posts! That's one yummy virtual cookie. :)

  3. I could imagine Christine being totally under-dressed! XD And is that "person you don't like" referring to HIM? ;)


    1. Well, yeah, or even "He who shall not be named's" equivalent, considering it's practically illegal to say IT's real name. XD

  4. I read it! :P That is funny :)


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