Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dress Up Time!

My dolls have dress up time quite frequently.... including everything from Glee to an anime called Black Butler. But today I decided that I should *so totally* dress up Lanie and Julie as Riker and Rydel Lynch from the band R5. Riker also happens to play Jeff Sterling, a Warbler who's only line was "Six." in Special Education, on Glee so that should explain everything you need to know. Also, another member (Ross) is Austin on Austin and Ally on Disney. Just thought some of you would like to know....
Anyway, what was I talking about again?  OH YEAH! So Julie and Lanie played dress up (against their will) and I took some lovely photos of them. :D Okay well not "lovely" they all turned out kind of dark and grainy because it was cloudy. But enjoy anyway!

For their performances Riker wears ties....
Yes, that's the thing I mentioned yesterday.
He also likes hoodies.
I learned this from watching a podcast, don't judge me.

 HAIR! \o/ yesss

I had a lot of trouble with this costume, I didn't care for it at first but now I like it more. :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post where most of you didn't understand anything I said! Ha ha, just kidding. :)
I guess.
I would love to hear if you've ever hear of them, or if you've ever seen Ross on Austin and Ally! :D
Peace out,


  1. I LOVE Austin and Ally. How did you get Lanie's hair to do that? That's awesome!

  2. Heheh, I've dressed up Willow as Ciel from Black Butler and Lanie as Lizzie. It kind of works out well because Willow's EXACTLY like Ciel, and Lanie is a relative(though they aren't betrothed! That'd be disturbing... >.<") I need to try making Felicity dress up as Grelle, though... XD I'm SUCH a BB nerd, sorry if this is sort of irrelevant now, Phoebe!



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