Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dude, AG released new stuff! :D (part uno)

So now let's right about literally every single item they have for the 18" line! :)
Just a warning: long, rambling, probably boring, post ahead.

Alright, so I just went to AG's site and spazzed a tad. Especially over the new doll and meet outfit for MAGs. I love this doll! She's so cute! And she kind of looks just like a character from this show called Fringe that my parents and I watch. ;)

I decided to post pictures this time. :) So here she is, in a new meet outfit, that is adorable. I love the boots and the rest of it, too! Of course, I betting that many people won't because of the undeniable pink factor. But I like pink. So no complaints from this area. :)

(If you were wondering this is the person I was talking about. See the resemblence? :D)

Now onto clothing! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
First of all, everything is completely adorable. But, there are some specific things I want to talk about. Either from crazed-fan-girl-OMJ-this-is-so-cute perspective or "Seriously, what the heck AG??" perspective. :)

Well, McKenna's stuff is really cute, but $24 for this seems a little over the top. Even for AG. All you get for this is a pair of cheap looking shoes, a jacket with her name on it, and a medal! $24 is kind of ridiculous... but it's still cute. I actually hate to admit it, but that jacket with her name on it is really cool. Basically the same ranting applies for her Performance Set. Except there's nothing that really drew me in for this one.


 Okay, so I absolutely love Julie's new outfit. I have nothing bad to say about this. I just love it. So much that it hurts how much I love this. Hey... this would look really good on the new MAG, wouldn't it? ;)
But what about the new Ivy outfit?? Well, it's okay. Nothing special in my opinion. I don't really like that kind of fabric and it looks kind of hard to put on. I have a red pair of those flip flops and they're not very good, one broke. On the bright side, though, at least Ivy isn't ignored anymore. :) YAY!
Now, Julie's Swim Set. First of all this isn't exactly "new". I have this swimsuit. Only when I got it, it came with a pair of red shorts and a little jacket that Lucy wore for memorial day. And I'm pretty sure that the price was the same. Really, AG? What were you thinking? Didn't you realize that there would be people that catch this? *sigh* Whoever thought of reselling this needs some sense put into them. No ofense of course, but this just amazes me.

MAG land now, bro! ~oh yeah~
The two new dresses, Sweet Savannah and Butterfly Twist, are just adorable. I love them both! The Savannah dress seems just a tad bit more classy than what you would expect now from AG, so I really like it (as well as the model for the stock photo :3). The Butterfly Twist is really pretty too, but $30 seems like a lot.... but I love those boots. A lot.

What about Pjs and the robe? Adorable, bro. But why would you wear long sleeves in the summer? I wear long pants but the longer sleeves with the longer pants seems a little too warm if they were going for a summer outfit. But who knows? They might not have been! And the robe? $24. I think that's everything I need to say.
This is getting long, but I'm going to finish outfits and then do accessories in another post. ;)
The "Feeling Great" outfit is just sort of a standard outfit... it doesn't really catch my eye. Mainly because I don't like for me to dress like this or for my dolls to dress like this. It's cute, but nothing special. (Why did AG put those quotations there, though? Maybe she isn't really "feeling great". hehehe)
New Volleyball Outfit??? That's the one thing we did in gym that I almost liked! Other than bowling. But of course I can't do either. I like this for one reason. It's red. Not pink. But red. I think I can stop at that.
Okay, three more.

The skate outfit. I need this. For me to continue existing, I have to have this outfit. I have wanted AG skates since forever. AND THESE ARE SO CUTE THAT I MUST OWN THEM. *drools*  I don't even care that it's over priced! I must own this outfit! Plus, the colors are so adorable.
And then we have the Spooky Fun outfit. When I first saw this I litterly flailed and squeeled with delight. I love this skirt. And just the rest of it. But then I took a closer look at the shoes. Which are cheap plastic. And you want $30 for this? Please! That's ridiculous! Tsk tsk tsk.....


The Bitty Pea Pod outfit... Would you hate me if I said that I absolutely love this? :) It's so adorable!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading through all of my odd opinions! :) The accessories will come later, but there's one that I'm really happy about. And no, it's not the car.
I would love it if you could post what you think on the new AG stuff!! :D

Peace Out,


  1. O my goodness the Pea Pod is so CUTE!!!!

  2. This'll be kind of shocking to you, but I actually LOVE the new meet outfit! I may not be a fan of pink, but that skirt... X3

    The robe from the new pj's is DEFINITELY on "the list" (lol, but no, this is good.)

    The skate outfit... My first thoughts were, "We're goin' ROLLER SKATING!!! :D" but most people wouldn't get that. (except for you, of course, Phoebe!)

    The Sweet Savannah dress. OMGZ I NEED THAT!!! Lily would be TOTALLY psyched to get another dress! She loves dresses, and I'm too lazy to make dresses. ;)

    But the thing is, if I tell my mom that I wanted to order AG stuff, she'd be like, "Can't you just make that yourself?" And then I'd be all crushed, so... yeah. :(

    But I less than three a lot of the new outfits, even though my chances of ever getting them are slim-to-none. :D


  3. I love the new stuff too!!! I like the new meet outfit.

    Also, check out my friend "ag trivia master" site!! She is looking for more followers, so ag fans go to and PLEASE follow!!!

  4. misspiggy=awesomeJune 28, 2012 at 5:44 PM

    New stuff is awesome.
    I wants the Sweet Savannah Dress. And the bulldog. And the Ivy outfit. And the car. And get the point. XD
    Peace Love and Muppets,

  5. I am in love with the new roller skating outfit, this is the one time AG has released new stuff that I feel I actually need to buy! Oh my gosh, I actually am freaking out about some of the new items! :D
    -charlotte <3

  6. Oh, my gosh! The new doll does look like Astrid from "Fringe!"



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