Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dude, AG released new stuff! (part dos)

More rambling! Woot woot! :D

First, just first:
I seriously love American Girl so much for this. I don't even know what to write, this is just so sweet and honestly unexpected from AG but this is so awesome. Just so freaking awesome. :') I love whoever thought of this and whoever was a part of the making of these dolls. It's so wonderful that AG is doing this! ~loss of words for how sweet and incredibly kind and thoughtful and what a lovely example this is~ *tears of joy*

Alright... so anyway... I take back most of the awful stuff I have ever said about American Girl. Except for the Felicity stuff. I miss my fancy dresses.

So I realized I missed an outfit.
 The Weekend Fun Outfit! Until I published that post I didn't even realize this existed. But I so totally love this. It's on the list. Fo' sure. I love the vest. I just love doll vests in general and that shirt is gorgeous.

Now, the obvious one. Julie's car. It's pretty awesome. I like the color and the style. (I love these cars and actually kind of want one even though I don't want to actually drive.) But.... this isn't even in her book. I checked. They made kites instead. Accuracy with the story really bothers me with their Julie line. That former basketball outfit of hers was not at all what it was supposed to be. Plus, the dolls aren't technically old enough to drive anyway. Whatever. It's still awesome. Even though it wasn't in the books.

I'm not going to talk about the new hair kit or the packed lunch. Kind of boring to me.

I love Meatloaf so much! He's so adorable!!! :D I want this dog. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! He's now one of my Llour Moms. That's some sort of celebrity/fictional character that you "like"(such as Darren Criss).
The Service Dog Set is so nice. :) It's super cute and I really like this one. Only, according my buddy Chocolate Chip is now only available as a service dog. Which is kind of weird. Why not just sell them seperately?
*trumpets clarinets*
Licorice!! I'm so glad she's back! She isn't as cute as the original (I have that one.) but I'm so glad she's back! It was a sad, sad day when Licorice was retired. :) YAY AG!!!

Now onto those shoes.....
The Striped Sneakers are pretty cool. :) I actually like these, they kind of resemble a very popular style of shoe now, which is wonderful for AG and I applaud them. Plus I like purple.
And these.... *drools* These I like. These I want. These are so totally awesome. The Fashion Boots are amazing... I love boots for dolls already and these are modern! And black!!! :D

Well that's it. I'm very excited about the new AG releases. :) From last post's comments I can tell that everyone else is really excited about it too!

Oh... and... so you know how my blogoversary is sort of July 7th? None of you would remember, but I would really love it if I could get to 95 followers by then! I hate to ask... but this would mean so much to me. :) I'm not just saying this to get followers, but you guys are so awesome and I love each and every one of you! Whenever I see that I have a comment I get so happy. <3 Thank you so much!

Also I just made a photo story this afternoon. That has a dramatic ending. Oh yeah. You'll want to keep up with this next little serries I'm doing.



  1. I love those boots, too! I think the reason AG made a car is you have to admit that a car is cooler than some eagle kites. But they could have made the car cheaper! $350 is just too much!

  2. Is it your two-year blogoversary? I hope you get to 95! :D I love the Weekend Fun outfit too!

  3. Well, I remembered your blogoversery, but that's probably because we each share the same blogoversery. XD

    I'm really happy AG released the dolls with disabilities stuff. It's just such a sweet and thoughtful thing for them to do... :')


  4. I went to a AG Place two days ago, and they totally understand Julie (or any doll for that matter) shouldn't drive. SO, they made it so that the steering wheel takes up most of the seat, so there's no room for Julie. On the other hand, the passenger seat can be sat on. :)


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