Saturday, June 23, 2012

How do you get blue?

 "But see, green is made from yellow and blue, right?" said Christina, sitting in the pool in the middle of the newly refurbished habitat one lovely afternoon.
"Right," added Kit, who was sitting nearby in a rocking chair.
"So then how did we get blue? I don't get it!"
"How did we get to talking about this, anyway?" asked Kit, perplexed by their train of thought.
"I'm not really sure," answered Christina.

"Hey guys!" said Lucy, walking into the habitat. "The new habitat looks great! You guys really did a nice job!"
"Thank you, Lucy! Glad you like it!" Christina thanked the current mayor of the town in her usual cheerful disposition.
"Yeah, thanks. Only we didn't really get to do anything. Lanie took control over everything as usual," sighed Kit as Lucy took a seat next to the pool.
 "What do you mean by that Kit?" questioned Lucy, sitting quite relaxed.
"I mean that no one has any say anymore! It's all about a certain group, and the rest of us have no opinion!"
"Things are just so much more complicated now, and no one can say anything! We hardly get a voice on the clothes we wear! Let alone something important like being able to be in videos or photos or anything! Everything is limited to certain dolls, Christina and I included. No one can say anything anymore."

 "I don't think it's that bad, Kit. We're very lucky and we shouldn't be complaining about things like that!" countered Christina, hoping to get her friend to stop this insane rant.
"Sure, Christina. I'll admit that we are quite fortunate but what's it worth if we don't have a voice to support it? If you ask me, things were a lot better when there were fewer dolls," continued Kit, standing up with her building frustration.

"But Kit, having a larger population has its benefits, too!" shouted Christina, being touchy on the subject.
"Oh yeah, like what? Being stuck in the same outfit for several weeks? Or what about the silence we're facing, hm?"

"Well, Kit, if we didn't have a larger population then we never would have gotten people like Lucy! Or even Nicole! Now wouldn't that be awful?" continued on Christina, now upset by what Kit was trying to make her believe.

"Yeah," added in Lucy. "And I never would have gotten Maggie!"

"Whatever," said Kit, walking away. "I still think things were better when there fewer of us."

The End (for now....)
The suspense is killing you, isn't it?
Well, here's the next episode of Mr. Cloud. CLICK THESE WORDS PEOPLE!! :D



  1. I loved this photostory! :D

  2. Is that real water?

    Oh and I love this!

    1. There's actually nothing in the pool.The lining is just blue. :) AND THANK YOU!!! <3

  3. Aw. :'( I understand how your dolls feel. that's EXACTLY what's happened with my dolls. I loved this photostory, btw! It's really relate-able.



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