Saturday, July 28, 2012

New BFC Ink Doll!

Hey people!
Yesterday my package came from Amazon and inside it I had a couple of awesome things.
First, I had a Britt Nicole CD (The Lost Get Found). Recently someone has introduced me to her music and I just love it! So I had to get a CD. :)
The other thing I got is the newest edition to...whatever this place is called now:
Kadence Carter!
Kadence (or 'Kitty') is the BFC Ink Pen Pals doll known as Elsa from Sweden. I am Sweden and this is my wife. To the best of my limited knowledge, I don't recall ever seeing an Elsa on another blog... I probably have but just forgot about it though.

 So, for a mini review, Elsa/Kitty is a beautiful doll. The dolls are very poseable, even the head can turn on the neck so she can nod up and down unlike AG dolls. She's just beautiful. I don't really know what to say other than that. Elsa/Kitty is just a gorgeous doll and I would highly recommend her from what I've experienced so far!
Only two downsides I've had:
1. The hair quality is pretty horrible on BFC dolls. Elsa/Kadence's hair is thin in places and poorly cut. However, it's still much better than Britt/Bridgette's hair was. Her hair had a stiff sticky substance in it like what they used to use on some Barbie dolls (Like what they put in Ken's hair so you can't brush it, just not THAT thick.) I eventually got the stuff out but her hair just isn't very nice in general.
2. They're difficult to stand up. I couldn't stand up Kadence on her own in my lawn at all, or on carpet very easily. On a hard surface they do quite well but otherwise it's not a simple matter. But that's probably because of my favorite thing: their awesome joints. :)
I have a serious affection for jointed dolls.
 Okay, so Elsa/Kadence is just gorgeous. She has the prettiest hair, and the prettiest eyes, and the.... okay yeah you get the point. She also has freckles. From the stock photos on Amazon I didn't think they would be as obvious as they are, on the box she doesn't even have freckles! But they suit her quite well and just add to how totally CUTE~ she is!
 Here she is with my other BFC Britt/Bridgette. Bridgette is an OC (original character) for this show that I'm not going to explain right now because it will bore most of you. From the story I'm writing about her, Kadence is her best friend and the person she's living with at the beginning. Kadence helps Bridgette configure her plan (Bridgette does most of the work, though.), execute her plan, and is basically going to be the "face" for the meeting they set up. It's all kind of confusing if you don't know the plot line... Basically Bridgette is black mailing her half brother and Kadence is going to be the one doing most of the talking at their decoy meeting so that Bridgette doesn't look suspicious. Along the way Kitty also becomes an obsessive fan girl as I am. :)

Here's a good face comparison shot of the two. Elsa/Kadence has a slightly more rounded face and to me looks like she has a happier expression. Both have blue eyes, but Elsa/Kadence has much brighter and lighter blue eyes than Britt/Bridgette who has grey-blue eyes. Also, I'm not sure if all of them are like this or if my Kitty is "special" but Elsa/Kadence's lower eyelashes are much larger and prominent than Britt/Bridgette's which are hardly noticeable.

I just love this doll so much, she's so cute! Hope you enjoyed! :)


P.S. For their outfits today I have AG doll skirts tied around their torso with a ribbon. I don't have any BFC outfits other than what they came in and I really don't like Britt/Bridgette's, so I just use ribbons and AG dresses mostly. :)

P.P.S. I made an opening video, I just haven't gotten to editing it yet but I'll let you know when it's up!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Room Tour and Facebook

Hai guys! Well this past weekend I started a difficult project that has needed to be done for quite a while: the redesigning of the doll room. So first I must post how the room looked before, right?!?! RIGHT!
But first, I made a Facebook page for Love That Doll! :D Go HERE or click our Facebook picture on the sidebar. Maybe give the page a like? You won't regret it. ;)
Now onto the show! :D

 "Hi! It's Mia today and I'm going to show you around our room."
 "First is the habitat, which is our simulated outdoor area. This is also where several of our A Doll Divided scenes took place, it changes seasonally."
 "This is the first bedroom of, ewww, Creekwater. There are pillow beds for three dolls, including McKenna Lilianna, and Gwendolyn and a bunk bed that's actually an old baby bed for Chrissa and Lucy."
"Right here is where the Livs and Frankie stay.  They all stay on this bed or in the chairs in front of it. This is between two bedroom sections."
 "Here is another part of Creekwater. This is actually where I used to live before I joined Kit. But anyway, here we have a pillow bed for Alyssa and Marisol with two Ikea beds for Evelyne, Lanie, Felicity, and Daphne as well as a bunk bed for Maggie and Rebecca. This is actually kind of a cool area."
 "Where I am right now is in front of a bookshelf with all of the stuff that Phoebe doesn't know what to do with. And her laptop. Because we're listening to music on YouTube."
 "And here is part of the greatest section in this room! The Kitland bedroom! Here we have two awesome pillow beds for Kit, Emily, Jessica, and Cammrie plus two Target beds for Gwen and Sonali."
"Here's the other part of Kitland with my retired bedroom set from 2008 where I obviously stay and an OG bed where Julie sleeps."
 "Over here is Creekwater's previously nice room because it has fan blade floor boards we use to store bodies- I mean papers. That was a joke. But anyway this is an OG bed that Elizabeth sleeps in."
 "This is the last bedroom with two pillow beds for Christina, Nicole, Samantha, and Molly."
"Over here on the other side of the habitat is more stuff we don't know what to do with. And a clock we used as a music stand once."
 "Now this is the kitchen. It's such a mess we didn't even try to clean it up for photos."
 "On the other half of the closet is the living area which is also a disaster."
 "Lastly on top of the table that doubles as the habitat we have a bathroom where Phoebe just sits stuff when she needs to move it but doesn't want to put it away yet."
"That's it! Stay tuned for the transformation! I hope you enjoyed this post! As well as our kitty poster."

Peace Out Folks,

Monday, July 23, 2012

Your move now, Creekwater! (A Doll Divided)

 "Well hello there, it looks like we have a new guest to Kitland. What brings you here?" Kit questioned the new guest while....
 Mia was glomped by her two excited younger cousins!
"MIA!" shouted Timmy as his sister and he attacked her.
"Uh! Hey guys!" Mia answered from underneath the pile of Bitties.
 "Well, Kit, I've decided that now is the right time to join the winning side of the game. Soon enough this whole battle will be over and we can be our own, so I think now would be a wise time to join forces," Gwen answered the other blond showing some of the rare intelligence she posses.
 "Well I guess that's why these two are here, too," concluded Mia, pushing away her young cousins.
 "I suppose welcome then. We're glad to have you."
"I'm glad you finally made the right choice, Gwen," said Sonali, walking up to her best friend.
"I knew the right choice all along, I just had to wait until the right time," Gwen answered.
 "YOUR MOVE NOW, CREEKWATER!" shouted the ever enthusiastic Cammrie.
"Cammrie, I thought we talked about this! No more yelling!" scolded Emily, annoyed by the other girl.
"Oh whoops, sorry Emily."
 Meanwhile, Julie walked up to the busy Lucy.
"Hey Lucy, can I talk to you about something?"
"Sure thing Julie, what is it?" Lucy answered among the papers.
"Well it's about the election."
"Oh the election! Thank you for mentioning that, I had nearly forgotten! When do you think would be a good time to put up the online poll?"
 "I'm dropping out of the election, Lucy."
"I'm leaving the election to join Kitland."

~The End~


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What now, Creekwater? (A Doll Divided Series)

It was a difficult time for Creekwater, with six of their previous residents going off to create their own town. These six were busy demolishing a corner of the house, preparing for their own things to be moved in.

"Thanks so much for coming with me, Jessica. This means a lot. I think you'll really like it here with Kit," Cammrie said to her best friend while packing up Alyssa's stuffed animals.

 "Well Cammrie," began Jessica who only left Creekwater for her friendship with Cammrie and not because she actually believed in what they stood for. "This friendship is really important to me so I'll do whatever I can to keep it."
 "That's great and all, Jessica, and thanks again for coming with us, but could you maybe help pack stuff? That'd be great," Instructed the current leader, Kit, while she moved away Marisol's things.
 "Oh, sorry! Of course I'll help!" Jessica giggled as she made her way over to a nearby bed to move Julie's precious Nellie doll. "But doesn't it feel a little wrong moving our friends' things without their permission?"
 "Not at all! It's their own fault that we left. We have to have somewhere to stay anyway and all of their belongings are in our way. I have no problem with doing this," Sonali spoke harshly, without a hint of remorse in her voice.
 "I agree with Sonali," responded Mia bitterly, grabbing one of Chrissa's posters off of the wall where Sonali's bed would go. "It's there own fault that we left. We deserve some space, they deserve to have their things moved."

"Hey, what exactly do you think you're doing?" shouted Marisol at Emily and Kit, approaching her trunk. "This is my stuff! You can't just pack up my Care Bears without asking me first! You guys have no right to do this!"
"It's not our fault you couldn't move this on your own," answered Emily in a typical voice with a prowess about it. "We're simply doing you a favor."
 "A favor? You guys just can't walk up here and take away our beds! And move our stuff! What's wrong with the beds you have? I'm taking this back!" yelled Marisol, angrily taking her purple stuffed bear out of her own trunk that Kit was packing things into.
 "We all have to stay together. This is the spot we chose. Your stuff was in the way. So we moved it." Kit said flatly as she took Marisol's sheep and shoved it into the trunk.
 "You guys can't do this! It's ridiculous!"
 "What? What happened to all my stuff? It's all packed up! There's my bunny, and my doll, and.... Coconut?? This is my home, what are you six doing here?"

"You're childish belongings were in our way. We have just as much right to this area as anyone does." (I can't get this photo to cooperate... please excuse this. D:)

 "You lost your rights when you left Creekwater, Sonali!"
"Whatever... We're still going to get this room, Samantha."
 "Mia! You can't go! Stay with us! We're you're best friends and you just can't up and abandon us like this!" Daphne pleaded for one of her closest friends to stay as she attempted at moving her bed away.
"Friends? Really? When did this happen? I've made up my mind, Daphne! There's nothing you can do to stop me! And I'm taking this bed with me!" Mia growled back at her, angry at her one-time-friends.
 "Fine, Mia, go ahead and go! But don't take that bed with you! That belongs to Creekwater! You left that bed when you left us!" Lanie retorted back, showing that she actually had thoughts that didn't involve Warblers for once.
 "No! I was never a part of you! You four have literally ignored me for the past six months! I was never a part of you and I'll take my bed if I want to take it! You hear me, blondie??" This sudden outburst didn't have a particularly good effect, causing Lanie to hide behind Daphne.
"Mia, we're sorry. But seriously, you can't just take our only AG bed without permission!" Evey tried to be a peacemaker, but it failed for obvious reasons.
 The towns broke out into complete chaos....
 "Everyone STOP!" shouted the mayor of Creekwater standing atop the highest point in the room, the table the bathroom is on.
 This caught every one's attention from Emily and Marisol..... Mia and Daphne.
 "Right now is not a good place for us as two different communities. There are a lot of issues that can be easily seen. However, citizens of Creekwater that have stayed loyal, I thank you very much but though you have to remain loyal and proud we want to avoid as much conflict as possible. I feel this separation will be short lived. So, with that said, Kit you and your allies may take the corner of the room as well as the bed. Take whatever it is you need to set up your new sleeping arrangements. And Creekwater, I expect you to let them take this." Lucy gave a speech, surrendering the area and the bed over to Kit and the others.
"HA! What now Creekwater?"