Thursday, July 5, 2012

Days 21-30

Today was day 30. :( So now let's catch up!

Day 21: A photo of the sunset
So yeah. There was too much stuff in the skyline to get the actual sun, but I like the way this one turned out! Plus it has a silo. :)

Day 22: A photo of the person you love
So I had made a picture of Daphne since she's kind of Darren Criss and I totally love him, but it didn't turn out very nicely. So instead here's a picture of the back of my best friend's head from when we went to the zoo.

 Day 23: A photo that makes you think of childhood
 This is a picture of all of my Olivia books, which I loved when I was younger! Plus, I've had that bear in the background since forever. :) I really like this one.

Day 24: A photo that has a color scheme
I was over at Miranda's house this day and so I took a picture of all her blue stuff. It's kind of blurry, but it was high up and heights aren't my thing. :)

Day 25: A photo of what ever you please
 The candidate sign up sheet. This is alright, it's kind of cool but I'm not sure. Oh well, I like the colors. :)

Day 26: A photo playing with shadows
So this isn't the greatest but this was literally the last picture I made before my card filled up, and it was really hot out. But I like it anyway! :D

Day 27: A photo using the sun as your lighting
 My tree. I love this one. Nuff said.

Day 28: A photo that incorporates motion
A running faucet. I didn't really know what to do with this one, so I just have a bunch of pictures of running water and this one is my favorite.

 Day 29: A photo with clouds
This one's okay, it's some random house in my neighbor hood with a cloud. But, last week I helped my mom with a group of preschoolers for VBA at our church, and it was called "Sky VBA" so this reminds me of that. ;D

Day 30: A photo of what ever you please
It's the last day!! NOOOOOOO!!! I will miss this so much. :( But anyway, today is Lilianna's birthday and she's today's photo. This is sitting on this weird little island thing in the middle of my front yard. It's okay.

Thank you all for having read and some even participated in this 30 day challenge! :) I will miss it dearly. Maybe I'll make one of my own! Hahaha, yeah right.

Bye Bye Lovlies,


  1. YAY! My bottle collection sitting behind my manga collection was day 24! >:3 Now that I think about it, I should've opened up my blinds so you had better lighting... (._. )



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