Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Explanation of What I am Doing Here (IMPORTANT)

                This thought may not have crossed some of your minds, but if you have wondered what on earth it is I'm doing here this post will explain. But just as a warning, it contains a lot of words and writing as well as historic references. But they'll be explained. Just if you hate history with a burning passion skip this post.

                There are times that everyone experiences when people don't agree. It could be on a little, simple thing like whether M&Ms or Skittles are better (M&Ms are better, by the way.) or it could be something of great importance. Recently my dolls have experienced several dividing issues that have separated them and torn them apart from one another in many ways. These three issues were the significance of individual voice, population control, and the influence of "pop culture" on their society. In planning this, I have purposefully connected these to three other important differences in America's past. These three differences were the causes of the American Civil War.

                I know, intense, right?? Well, I've been planning this thing for a while. And now it is finally time to explain.

If you did not know already, the three main causes of the Civil War were the issues of state's rights, economic differences, and, the most obvious and well known, slavery.  The states that eventually seceded from the U.S. felt very strongly about state's rights, which are rights given to the states to limit the power of the national government. This is what I connected to my dolls' opinion on individual voice. My dolls felt that the individual should have more power than the majority so that each would have an opinion in what happens to their town, which is somewhat relateable to the idea of the national government existing purely because of the states and that states did not have to follow it if they did not want. Both of these issues deal with opinion and voice, whether that be for a state or just an individual. Therefore, the dolls that break off of Creekwater are the ones that highly value individual voice.

Economy as a reason for the Civil War meant, basically, that the two parts of the nation were moving in different directions economically. The northern states went further into manufacturing, for the purpose of this comparison they moved "forward", while the southern states remained farmers and kept at agriculture, so they "stayed the same". This issue is what I related to population. Dolls that are loyal to Creekwater, or the "Union", are like the northern states, they favor a larger population and want to move forward in this area. However, dolls that decided to leave, like Kit and Cammrie, are like the southern states where they favor a smaller population and want to stay the same and not move "forward" so to say. They want to keep doing what they were with a small population, because it worked for them, much like how the southern states profited from agriculture and chose not to move on into other things.

Lastly, slavery was a huge issue for this time. Slavery was favored in the southern states because of its economic benefits. Without slaves, it would be much more difficult to make a profit off of large plantations or farms. However, the north wasn't completely against slavery originally, they just didn't need it! To be put simply, the south needed slavery while it was unnecessary to have in the north. There was a lot more to it than I'm writing, though, I just don't want to go to in depth because then I lose some connections. ;) So how does this relate to the influence of pop culture on my dolls? Well, the dolls that choose to leave (the "south") are the ones that find that our community would be better off without the influence of pop culture while the ones that stay (the "north") are in favor of the influence of pop culture things like music artists and, obviously, Glee.  So they have the major division of those that are in favor and those that aren't. Of course, the ones that are in favor and the ones who are not are reversed, but the basic division is there and that's what's important!

Lastly, these reasons all had a great impact on the start of the Civil War and the decision for the first state, South Carolina, to secede. But what was the breaking point? Well that was the election of Abraham Lincoln! One reason was because of his house divided speech, where he basically says that being torn like the country was won't last for long and they will have to go one way or another on the slavery issue. That might not be bad for southern states though, right? Well, it kind of was because everyone pretty much knew how Lincoln felt about slavery because of other things he'd said and his political party, which was totally against it. But what was this for Creekwater? Well that was the last story I posted! When Maggie decides to run is the breaking point because she is Lucy's sister, which harms individual voice, she is a fairly new doll, which shows her feelings about population, and she's best friends with Daphne and that little insane group, which clearly shows how she feels about pop culture. Besides, I totally love Maggie and outside of the internet poll I would probably make sure her or Christina won. :) Therefore, all of this combined is the final issue that pushes Kit to become South Carolina and secede from Creekwater.

Well I hope this makes sense now! Or you find the connections and enjoy them. :) I personally love it when I find connections between things like this. If I completely confused you to the point of no return or you just absolutely hate history with a passion, then I apologize. Hopefully you enjoyed this long, rambling post though! Thank you if you read all of it! I'm really excited about this, I even made a spread sheet where I give each doll a state. :)
If you're still confused, comment and I'll try and clear things up better.


  1. I understand everything u said. i am an expert at the civil was, justice, and peace, i am called the social studies wiz at my school. i think it is very cool what ur doing with ur dolls. i can't wait for the next post. u make this blog exciting for me and other readers. Keep up the good work!!!! :)))))))

  2. BTW, which doll got new york? i live in new york with my beautiful family!! lolol!!

    1. Awesome! And thank you very much! I also like social studies if you can't tell...
      Samantha got New York, since that's where she's from. :)

  3. So, since I'm from Maine(der, I don't think I'd have to tell YOU that! ;D), which doll is Maine? :D



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