Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday 13th Randomness :D

Hey guys! I'm posting this from my moms iPod right now so this post will be short. :) Anyway, I totally forgot today was Friday 13th! So every Friday 13th I always say some kind of weird stuff about superstition or the day. So today I'll tell you abouta short superstition of the Victorian Era, which is close to the 1860s which is totally on theme. :) I found several superstitions involving death....and mirrors. If there was a corpses in your home, you had to cover all the mirrors. When a mirror broke on its own then it meant someone would die soon. That explains the mirror superstition we know today! Also, when someone was to die you had to stop the clock when they did. Lastly, when the deceased is carried out, they must leave feet first or else they might beckon others to come with them. Now, before you get freaked out, this is just crazy 1800s superstition. None of it is real. ;) It's just cool to learn about. Well, I hope you have a lucky day! And don't break any mirrors. ;) Love, Phoebe (who can't upload pictures from mobile and got the info from here:


  1. Wow! Those are some cool facts! I kind of forgot it was Friday the 13th, too... But, lucky for me, I'm not really superstitious about Friday the 13th. (Other stuff, however... XD)


  2. Hi Phoebe! I have great news! I just nominated you for the, "I Love Your Blog Award." Just check out the link below and it will show you the instructions! Thanks and here's the link!
    I hope the link works! :)


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