Monday, July 16, 2012

I Love Your Blog Award!

Hi people of the internets! :D
Well I was nominated for the I Love Your Blog Award! AWWWW!! Thank you! :)
So there are 8 steps to this award:
1. Thank the person that nominated you and give the link:
2.Tell us why the idea of blogging popped up and why you still write it.
Well, I first got the idea of blogging from the Doll Diaries actually! I thought what they did was really cool and I wanted to do that too, but I didn't know it was called blogging. Then I found Liz's famous blog of total awesomeness (aka American Girl Fan) and several other blogs that I don't think post any more and knew that I totally wanted to do that too! I still write because I love it so much, the writing aspect where I can write however I want to and I just love my dolls and want to share their awesomeness with the awesomeness of the people on the internet. :)
3. Describe a usual day of your life.
Let's see....I'll just do today because it was pretty typical. So I wake up usually around 8 or 9ish because I stay up late watching random stuff on YouTube or writing fan fiction and go down stairs and eat breakfast after checking my email or playing Temple Run or something like that. Then I go upstairs and try to get dressed while listening to music or browsing Ebay or blogs. After that I try to be productive with my dolls until lunch where I go downstairs and watch a couple of episodes of Ugly Betty. After that I go back to my room and be productive with dolls and listen to music. Somewhere in there I try to practice my Clarinet and read my One Minute Bible too. :) I know, I'm boring. ;P
4.The best collaboration with a blogger.
Definitely the photo story I made with my friend Miranda! And a couple of years ago we also made these funny videos with our dolls and that was SO MUCH FUN! I should post some of them on YouTube if they don't show her face. ;)
5.The worst collaboration with a blogger.
No such thing. ;)
6.Explain what blogging means to you.
(warning: this is emotional)
To me, blogging is way for me to share what I enjoy most in my life and what I'm happy with that I can do. It's also an option for me to get to know girls that enjoy the same things as I do and like me for the things that most people probably wouldn't like about me. That's why I love you guys so much.
7. and 8. Nominate five bloggers for this award AND comment letting these people know they were nominated.
I choose:
1. AG Fun
2. My American Girl
3. Just Me {and my dolls}
4. Positively Me (she actually posts again ;D)
5. The Spicys!
I decided that when I post this comment I'm going to say: "Hey I just met you, and this is crazy but I just nominated you, so post it maybe? I nominated you for the I Love Your Blog award. ;)" I don't blame you if you want to punch me after that.

Aight so thanks for reading and thank you again Dakota! :D


  1. He he, why didn't I think of that?!?! It would of gotten of some of my friends nerves, though.

  2. Aww! Thank you so so so much for nominating me, Phoebe! I almost feel like I don't deserve it, but that's just me. The "What blogging means to you" that you described was very sweet(well, I can't think of another word to describe it!) and I feel like it should ring out true for all of us doll people out there. :)


  3. I love your new blog look, Phoebe!

  4. Thank you!! I will get to posting it soon ;)


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