Saturday, July 28, 2012

New BFC Ink Doll!

Hey people!
Yesterday my package came from Amazon and inside it I had a couple of awesome things.
First, I had a Britt Nicole CD (The Lost Get Found). Recently someone has introduced me to her music and I just love it! So I had to get a CD. :)
The other thing I got is the newest edition to...whatever this place is called now:
Kadence Carter!
Kadence (or 'Kitty') is the BFC Ink Pen Pals doll known as Elsa from Sweden. I am Sweden and this is my wife. To the best of my limited knowledge, I don't recall ever seeing an Elsa on another blog... I probably have but just forgot about it though.

 So, for a mini review, Elsa/Kitty is a beautiful doll. The dolls are very poseable, even the head can turn on the neck so she can nod up and down unlike AG dolls. She's just beautiful. I don't really know what to say other than that. Elsa/Kitty is just a gorgeous doll and I would highly recommend her from what I've experienced so far!
Only two downsides I've had:
1. The hair quality is pretty horrible on BFC dolls. Elsa/Kadence's hair is thin in places and poorly cut. However, it's still much better than Britt/Bridgette's hair was. Her hair had a stiff sticky substance in it like what they used to use on some Barbie dolls (Like what they put in Ken's hair so you can't brush it, just not THAT thick.) I eventually got the stuff out but her hair just isn't very nice in general.
2. They're difficult to stand up. I couldn't stand up Kadence on her own in my lawn at all, or on carpet very easily. On a hard surface they do quite well but otherwise it's not a simple matter. But that's probably because of my favorite thing: their awesome joints. :)
I have a serious affection for jointed dolls.
 Okay, so Elsa/Kadence is just gorgeous. She has the prettiest hair, and the prettiest eyes, and the.... okay yeah you get the point. She also has freckles. From the stock photos on Amazon I didn't think they would be as obvious as they are, on the box she doesn't even have freckles! But they suit her quite well and just add to how totally CUTE~ she is!
 Here she is with my other BFC Britt/Bridgette. Bridgette is an OC (original character) for this show that I'm not going to explain right now because it will bore most of you. From the story I'm writing about her, Kadence is her best friend and the person she's living with at the beginning. Kadence helps Bridgette configure her plan (Bridgette does most of the work, though.), execute her plan, and is basically going to be the "face" for the meeting they set up. It's all kind of confusing if you don't know the plot line... Basically Bridgette is black mailing her half brother and Kadence is going to be the one doing most of the talking at their decoy meeting so that Bridgette doesn't look suspicious. Along the way Kitty also becomes an obsessive fan girl as I am. :)

Here's a good face comparison shot of the two. Elsa/Kadence has a slightly more rounded face and to me looks like she has a happier expression. Both have blue eyes, but Elsa/Kadence has much brighter and lighter blue eyes than Britt/Bridgette who has grey-blue eyes. Also, I'm not sure if all of them are like this or if my Kitty is "special" but Elsa/Kadence's lower eyelashes are much larger and prominent than Britt/Bridgette's which are hardly noticeable.

I just love this doll so much, she's so cute! Hope you enjoyed! :)


P.S. For their outfits today I have AG doll skirts tied around their torso with a ribbon. I don't have any BFC outfits other than what they came in and I really don't like Britt/Bridgette's, so I just use ribbons and AG dresses mostly. :)

P.P.S. I made an opening video, I just haven't gotten to editing it yet but I'll let you know when it's up!


  1. Hmm... I just wonder who introduced you to Britt Nicole's music? Certainly it wasn't me! ;) Lol! I'm glad you like her music!


  2. She's adorable! :) I love her sweet expression and her freckles. Great pics, too! :)

  3. She's really cute! And I love your crossed out sentence in the beginning of the post! XD I bet I'm the only reader of your blog who gets what it means... ;D


  4. ayee~ how much did she cost? c:


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