Monday, July 2, 2012

Not a Regular Day

Attention: This is the first post of many that I will continue at least through the month of July, I haven't decided how long it will last yet. This one is important for the next post I will do and the next post is important for the following ones. So If you would like to keep up with this or are really bored or just want to look at photos of an awesome doll in a blue dress (coughLucycough) then read on! :D

Just another regular day was happening in Creekwater. Well, aside from the fact Lucy was going to give an important announcement that would change everything it was a regular day.

 "Thank you all for joining me today," began Lucy from her stand over the rest of the girls. "I know that recently there have been some pretty stressful things going on that have seperated us. I just hope that after today we will be able to put those differences aside and enjoy Creekwater the way that it is. This is why I'm very excited to be announcing..."
"The return of our annual election for mayor! Per usual we will have four openings for Candidates. This will momentarily be hung in the back of the crowd for all of those who are interested in running this year. I wish the best of luck to you all!"
 As she finished, Lucy handed off the pen and sign up sheet to my personal watch-unicorn (dogs are too mainstream) to kindly hang up in the back.

 As soon as the list was up, many of the citizens crowded around and eagarly signed up for the oppurtunity to be mayor.
"Well, that was a very quick process," announced Lucy, at the back of the room just a few minutes after the list was put up. "Why don't we see who we have, hm?"

"First," read Lucy, "We have Christina Koreen! Followed by none other than Julie Albright and, uhh.... Evelyne Barker. Lastly, but certainly not least, we have Miss Maggie Belldonna!"
"Uh!" exclaimed a face from the crowd, horrified.
No one was surprised to see Kit step out and claim the voice.
"This is ridiculous! We've already lost our voice and now we have Lucy and Maggie trying to start some sort of ridiculous monarchy! We're loosing our voice, and our rights! They're going to take away any decent fragment we have of this town!!" shouted the overwhelmed blond.

"I've had enough of this," Kit continued on. "I'm leaving. Leaving to somewhere where you can actually have some sort of voice! If anyone's with me speak now!"
"I am."

Ooooohh, what's that crazy Kit doing?? Well this will all be explained in my next post!



  1. I like how it all just ends with Cammrie. No one ever really notices her, but she's siding with Kit~; I can't wait for the next part! X3


  2. What exactly is going on in this photo series?


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